Saturday 30 April 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 17 - Another Repeat Repack

I've busted these before. Let's try another one. You already see two of the packs, but there were two more, making it 4 instead of 3 total.
Prizm should be familiar by now, but I didn't recognize the other one. Well, it is exactly what it says on the package. It is a coin based set. 1 coin per pack. But, once again these didn't contain the promised 3 packs, instead containing at least one more pack of something.

I'd rather the retail pulsar packs I'd found previously, but it will be something new.
Here's the checklist that was in the coin pack. Pretty big names to start, but the Greats label really implodes over the last 4 of 5 hames.
At least the one coin in my pack was someone who'd at least be considered pretty good, if not a great.
This was the best base card from the Score pack. While the photos were pretty good throughout the set, the ones in this were pretty generic except for the Duchene.
But at least I got two gold parallels instead of the usual one, with the bonus of one being a new card for the Senators collection.
Here's the Prizm pack contents. New Kindl for my Rangers alumni collection = a good pack!
And at least I got a new card of Hedberg for my mask collection.
And a new Connor McDavid as well. Although this is a dupe from a previous one of these repacks. So, this will likely be COMC bound.

Friday 29 April 2016

Random Raptors

Due to family issues, I'm kind of on a scheduled posting mode at this point, so I'm doing a lot of these all at once. This one is getting typed up not long after the game 4 loss, so, by the time this post goes live, the Raptors might have advanced to the second round, or might be preparing for a 6th game, or a 7th game, or have already completed their third annual one-and-done playoff run.

But, this does seem like a suitable time to show off some Raptors that have been lurking in my COMC to-be-posted container for way too long, and some Raptors from the JBF MegaBox.
It is really a sad state of affairs for the team when this Joey Graham signature is a legitimate contender for best penmanship during the team's run.
Zubcic was a second round pick of the Raptors in 2012. He never played a game for the team, and was traded last off-season to OKC. He's spent some time in D-League this season, and has yet to play in the NBA. But, since he was drafted by Toronto around the time this card was issued, this still counts as a Raptors card.
One's Raptors collection can never have too many appearances of the JYD.
Two reasons behind this card. I like the highway motifs on the design, and it was cheap.
The same as with the McGrady, except take out the design portion and just call it a cheap card for the Raptors binder.
And finally, some Raptors from the JBF Mega box.
And some more.
And even more. Now, just two more posts to wrap up the latest mailings.

Thursday 28 April 2016

Tales of a JBF Mega-Box - Mucho Mets!

Circular Mets!
Sticky Mets!
Mini Mets!
70s Mets!
80s Mets!
More 80s Mets!
Vertical Numbered Mets!
Horizontal Numbered Mets!
Mets Ink!
Mets Fabric!
And much,

Seriously, there were 30 more Mets cards at least in this. And I still have at least three more posts to go to wrap this box up.

Best final card ever?

Maybe there are better ones out there, but I think for a player, this could be the best type of photo one could ask for.

Wednesday 27 April 2016

Tales of a JBF Mega-Box - Bills! Bills! Bills!

I guess now is as good a time as any to start to dig into this box (and bubble envelope) of goodies. This will be the first of what will be at least 5 posts of goodies from this, and I'll be spreading them out over the next few weeks.

As the title indicates, this first post is rife with Buffalo Bills additions.
And let's start with some literature!
It might be kinda thin...
but I have no complaints about the contents! While this does feature 2-14 baby Jim Kelly prominently, I'm probably considering this a Bills card for the purposes of storage, since it is more of a Bills card than a Jim Kelly card.
I'm highlighting these 4 cards all in one group because these were the only unnumbered, non-hit Bills cards in the package. In fact, that Mario Williams from Chrome was the only base card among the Buffalo content.
In the same vein, these were all the numbered parallels. I really like the ones where the colours of the parallel mesh with the team colours, so the blue Robert Woods is my favourite of this bunch, with honourable mention to the McCoy for being a parallel from Donruss, which was my favourite of the lower end releases last season.
While this is a nice manu patch, I'm probably going to add this to my 2/14 collection as my 31st Drew Bledsoe card. Drew now moves one ahead of David Garrard for 4th place among the football portion of that binder.
I've got to be close to completing a Lee Evans jersey courtesy of relic cards. Either that or a Robert Woods.
EJ Manuel did make a valiant effort in terms of total additions to the hits portion of the binder. The base one is a dupe for me though, meaning that it will find its way To The Clubhouse in my next mailing.
And these three more relics end this portion of the envelope, with much more to come. I really like the backfield tandems dual relic, and wouldn't mind seeing another with the latest two-headed monster of McCoy and Williams. It is kinda interesting that despite the label of Future Franchise on the card, Kiko ALonso had already played his last game for the Bills when the card was issued.

And there you have a bunch of Bills!

Tuesday 26 April 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 16 - Dollarama Repack Changes

And these changes are not really for the better, as some of the Surprise Bag inner repacks have dropped a card from their content. That doesn't mean I won't be adding them to my basket their as frequently, though. Just that some of the team dumps I do on collectors on my trade list might be a tad thinner than usual.
For those familiar with these from previous posts, the superstar pack is now 4 cards, and the 2010s pack is now 3 cards. The snap card holder is new to me, and since I've severely lagged on picking up a magnetic for the Larry Bird auto, it now has a home in this.
Starting with the rookie pack. I still like finding cards of defunct teams lurking in these, so it is a decent one for me with the Jeff O'Neill. A quick look at Shoebox Legends' zistle wantlist shows it isn't a need, so this one's a keeper for me!
The Superstar pack hopefully considers that Vincent Lecavalier is the superstar contained within. I'm just happy to add a new card to my drawn cards mini collection with the Wilkinson, and a new Sens card with the Tugnutt.
I guess getting one of the three cards in the 2010s pack as a keeper is a good average, with yet another Mike Richards on its way to the Rangers alum binder.
At least the goalie pack remains the same with 4 cards. The Canadian Team Franchise pack is a new thing, though.
3 of 4 cards heading for the mask binder is a good average. Osgood is likely Michigan-bound in a future Too Many Verlanders/Manninghams trade.
The Rookie card might not be of some mainstream names, but it is at least an interesting card.
And the promised Superstar is a mask binder certainty.
Since the previous franchise packs promised either a Canadian team or Original 6 team, this was really indistinguishable from its previous version. I think every one of the 2011 Montreal history cards I have were from these type of repacks. And there's my second card from this season's releases.

I could complain about one fewer card in some of the repacked stuff, but I don't think that will change my purchase plans that much.