Thursday 31 March 2016

Of Pipers and Colonels

Outgoing Mail Alert! Do these zip codes seem familiar? If so, expect a PWE or small bubbler shortly.


I've been on a bit of a defunct/relocated team basketball kick lately. Let's see what the latest COMC storm blew in.
First up, a card from this year's Prestige release. I opted for this one, since, in spite of Artis' hand being in the way, it does feature the clearest view of the old Kentucky Colonels logo. So much greatness in it. The dog. The hat. The beard. The horseshoe. 70's basketball logos were spectacular.
There really are no cards on COMC that featured a nice look at the Spirits of St. Louis logo. However, since there is very little difference in terms of what is on the jersey and the actual logo, this will do just fine. In retrospect, there were other cards from the 70s that did feature the logo nicely, but I opted for this since it was the least expensive of the lot.
Back to 2011 Threads for the last two. With Connie Hawkins' card, you get a really nice look at the jersey, which is so much nicer than the bland logo on the back of the card. There was another Pipers card at COMC with a more bagpiper logo on it, but it was more expensive than this one from Threads. The Pipers only appearance on cards was those of Hawkins, and all from releases in the past decade. One of the things I really like about Panini is their usage of their license to highlight forgotten teams.

As for poor Spencer Haywood, his card might be going into the binder backwards.
Since I'm too cheap to spring for this logo sticker, the back of the card might be my only chance to highlight their logo.

Wednesday 30 March 2016

So Much For the No-Trade Clause

I thought that the Kevin Durant auto that was redeemed a few weeks ago would be a keeper card. But, then the opportunity to acquire one of my dream autographed cards came up, and I had to make the trade to get it. I mean Durant is a superstar currently, but he's not a name that comes up when it comes to the greatest of all time. Unlike this legend:
Do I care that this is a stickergraph? Nope. So was the Durant.

Do I care that he's a coach and not a player? Nope. He earned a couple of his 11 rings in Boston as a player/coach, so that's not a factor either.

It is a perfect addition to my Celtics autograph collection, and I love it. It joins Bird, Parish and McHale as those checked off my dream wantlist, and it leaves only Paul Pierce to wrap things up.

Tuesday 29 March 2016

PWE Chronicles

I thought today would be a repack day. And then, coming off 4 days with no mail delivery, I got 5 different envelopes today. One was jammed full of goodies that will need a post of their own. One was a bubbler with a card that really deserves a post of its own. 2 were PWEs and the final was another, less awesome, one-card bubbler. With one more PWE still waiting a post, I figured to knock 4 packages off the mail list in one go.
First, the one-card envelope. This was a redemption from Panini. Not a major name at all, but still nice to get a redemption come through that expired almost four years ago (4-27-2012).
 Second up, a PWE via a zistle trade with stevenlpearson that completed my 2015 set build. Both really nice looking cards, photo-wise, of defensive stars as well.
Envelope #3 showed up about a week ago, containing cards from Brian @ Play at the Plate. A nice numbered Wright starts it off, and any Mets card with classic pinstripes is a nice one.
Only 3 more Mets in the package. But, with one being a sticker, one being Chrome and one being acetate, that's an interesting variety!
And to wrap this PWE up: Bills, Bills Bills! The Flutie is a nice garish example of Pacific issues, and it is easily my favourite in this group.

Finally, a PWE from one of the three people I can send extra Bills to, Mark @ This Way To The Clubhouse.
The envelope bragged about a nice Senators card within, and it certainly was, as I added my first Dominek Hasek hit to my Sens binder. The photo is also from a photoshoot that took place on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. One of those base cards was on my list when I did my top 50 Senators cards, so it is nice to revisit this with the relic.
And then to wrap this up, a nice selection of Blue Jays cards. The Reyes actually works nice enough to not notice the lack of logos. I like how the faded background on Donaldson makes it seem like he's playing baseball outside a storage unit.

And there you have it! Four trade envelopes in one post. I've already started reloading for Mark @ TWTC, and Brian @ PATP has a PWE waiting for me to swing by a post office now that they've re-opened after Easter.

Monday 28 March 2016

Wrapping Up The Trade

Time to end this trade with the basketball and football portion of the trade.
Only one basketball card, though. Still, this is my first hit of Employee #8. So, one and done with basketball is pretty nice!
Starting with the football portion, here's a threesome for the 2/14 collection. Jeffery and McNair still remained tied for second place among the football content with 39 cards each. At the same time, Garrard is tied with Bledsoe in 4th place at 30 cards each. Jim Kelly still leads with 56.
And then, the third 1/1 plate of the package comes out. Since you can't tell from the front, I'll have to reveal this as a Leaf plate of Jadeveon Clowney. Card #23 for him in my collection.
Bills! Bills! Bills!

And literature as well!
The cover is kinda sparse on the detail about the book.
And there isn't much to read in the book, although I do like the content and pictures.
But at least there is a bit of writing on the back as I hit the last card of the envelope. Finally, I have a booklet hit in my possession that isn't getting traded elsewhere. And it will likely remain that way until that Harvey/Wheeler dual auto comes through that I've been waiting a year and a half for.

Thanks for these goodies, Dennis! I've got a couple cards already set aside for a future mailing, and will hopefully get something really nice at the Expo to finish off the package.

Tomorrow, I'll return to the comfortable land of repacks.

Sunday 27 March 2016

And now, the Hockey.

Continuing to work my way through the trade package, and continuing on with the hockey.
Let's lead off with an autograph for the hits portion of my mask collection. While you'd think Jon Casey would be the type to make random appearances in ITG sets over the past few years, cards from 1996 like this were the last of his career.
The 2/14 collection got the next card, as this 14/35 of Marian Gaborik went into my collection. 3 colours on the top, an all-red patch on the bottom. This is definitely a patch, as there is a hint of stitching in the lower right corner.
And to go along with the Gaborik hit, a 1/1 of his, my first. I now need to hunt down the actual card to go alongside it in the collection.
And here's another 1/1 plate. I guess Pacific issued plates from both the front and back of the cards. The best thing is that I don't have to go hunting for the actual card, as I already have it! That's great for organizing the binder!

My most recent package included a warning that one of the hits included may cause extreme shock due to incredibleness thereof. So, this was in the most recent package:
How sick was it?!
Very sick! Very awesome! And this is probably my best relic in the Alfredsson collection, even though it is probably too thick for the binder.

Thanks for all the great hockey additions to my PCs, and I still have the football and basketball yet to go!

Saturday 26 March 2016

More Trade Goodies! Baseball from Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams.

This most recent bubbler will have to be split into two posts. If not three. It was jam-packed full of hits, but most of them were in the other 3 main team sports. Those should appear tomorrow. Still, there was some baseball goodies to go alongside a bunch of team binder cards.
A sticker preview of the teams represented in the envelope.
And leading with the Expos content. Lots of Alou. Lots of Martinezes.
And a little bit of Vlad as well. A card that is only 1/3 Vlad is still Vlad enough for the binder.
How did I not already have this Ed Kranepool? It is a famous Met and a different photo than most of the ones in my collection. How did I not have this!?
Not as many Mets base cards, but still a couple of nice Oleruds.
And the first of the baseball hits. And the manu-helmet makes this card thick enough to use as impromptu brass knuckles.
And here's some Blue Jays cards, running the gamut from the early days of the team, to Sportflics to shiny cards. A nice mix.
To wrap up the baseball portion of this, an autograph for my Blue Jays collection. Considering that Tony spent 4 different stints in Toronto, his autograph is a great addition to my collection.

There's one part of the trade, with more to come!

Friday 25 March 2016

Another Bubblegum trade

I'm finally starting to get caught up on my trade posts. Not having any mail delivery until Tuesday will certainly help, although I do have a quartet of PWEs that will need to wait until mid-next week to head out.

Up now, a trade envelope from Jeff from Wish They Still Came With Bubblegum. I'm really tempted to throw a package of Thrills gum (tagline: It Still Tastes Like Soap!) into the package the next time I send a bubble envelope his way.
There were a few additions to my Ottawa Senators collection. Although it is of Yashin, this oddball from sort of game set stood out. And Yashin cards are easy to store in my alphabetical Sens collection. Although Mika Zibanejad does push him further in from the back as he continues to accumulate cards.
I like how Jamie Storr didn't use the typical European royalty theme for his mask, and instead went for the King Tut motif.
And to wrap up the hockey portion, howzabout a nice patriotic Eric Daze?
Which acts as a perfect lead-in to the baseball portion with a patriotic Fergie Jenkins card.
While Carl Wise's card from Bowman Draft has already entered my collection, this is my first card of Jays prospect Vladimir Guerrero Jr. First of many, I hope.
Joe Carter additions are always welcome.
But the big winner this time in terms of volume was Doc, and these 4 new cards.
And wrapping things up with my second Marcus Stroman autograph, and the first on-card one in my collection. Marcus has already been named the Opening Day starter for Toronto, so things look really bright already for him.

And now, just a few more envelopes to catch up with everything. I've got a PWE already to go in return, with likely a bubbler shortly after the Expo.

Thursday 24 March 2016

One Card Only: A Binder Centrepiece

As I write this post, there is a freezing rain warning in my area, along with the possibility of losing power. So, you get this as a rare example of anticipation on my part.

Anyhow, my latest COMC shipment included this card:
Despite Landeskog's failure to stay on sticker, this dual autograph is a contender for the centrepiece of my collection. It is one of three cards that combine alumni of the team on it, but the only one with autographs, and the only one where the back mentions their time in town. While they were never teammates here, they finally wear the same uniform now as members of the Avalanche.

See you after I thaw out and can get back to my trade packages.

Wednesday 23 March 2016

Trade w/ OrlandoBolts

Another round of goodies from zistle's OrlandoBolts, who I've been going back and forth with for a bit with blind trades. I hunt down Guelph Storm alumnus, and he hunts down a bunch of stuff for my varying PCs. And this latest envelope hit a bunch of them.
A nice way to start off is a Vince Carter rookie card. Perhaps if the Raptors had got something worthwhile in return after his trade, his name in Toronto wouldn't have spent as much time being booed as it did.
There were some set builders for 2016 Topps in the envelope as well. As well as this beauty. This might be the one where I like the layout the least, as the name obscures the shadows.
Bautista in blue!
And an appearance by Vlad wraps up the baseball portion of this envelope.
The football portion consisted of 5 new Bills cards for that binder. I'd jokingly call that Roscoe Parrish a chase card, but it doesn't look like any member of the other team is chasing him.
Hockey wrapped up the package. It starts with a 5 pack of mask binder cards. A really nice mix of inserts and SPs as well. As expected, the big winner photo-wise is the Canvas insert. Mask-wise, probably Visentin and his pirate theme takes it. Can you tell his AHL team was the Portland Pirates?
And the big winners were the additions to my Kitchener Rangers alumni collection. And yes, these yellow bordered cards preceded 1991 Fleer. These are from the 89-90 season.
Usually, I'd balk at a Leafs card. But since Clarkson is a Rangers alum (and his Toronto time was less than memorable), this is a nice add.
Finally, my second on-card autograph of Walt Tkaczuk. The other one is a Champ's mini, making it a really close competition as to which is my favourite of the two. Hey! Maybe I should do a top 50 with that binder at some point!

If I didn't have 4 more envelopes still post (with one being at least a two parter), I'd get right on that!