Sunday, 27 March 2016

And now, the Hockey.

Continuing to work my way through the trade package, and continuing on with the hockey.
Let's lead off with an autograph for the hits portion of my mask collection. While you'd think Jon Casey would be the type to make random appearances in ITG sets over the past few years, cards from 1996 like this were the last of his career.
The 2/14 collection got the next card, as this 14/35 of Marian Gaborik went into my collection. 3 colours on the top, an all-red patch on the bottom. This is definitely a patch, as there is a hint of stitching in the lower right corner.
And to go along with the Gaborik hit, a 1/1 of his, my first. I now need to hunt down the actual card to go alongside it in the collection.
And here's another 1/1 plate. I guess Pacific issued plates from both the front and back of the cards. The best thing is that I don't have to go hunting for the actual card, as I already have it! That's great for organizing the binder!

My most recent package included a warning that one of the hits included may cause extreme shock due to incredibleness thereof. So, this was in the most recent package:
How sick was it?!
Very sick! Very awesome! And this is probably my best relic in the Alfredsson collection, even though it is probably too thick for the binder.

Thanks for all the great hockey additions to my PCs, and I still have the football and basketball yet to go!