Monday 22 April 2024


 After having two people pass away in the past couple weeks with their autographs sitting in my to-be-posted box, I intend to end that curse by posting all the remaining autos in that box, that I, for whatever reason, added to my COMC inventory at some point but haven't got around to posting until now.

Here's one that I intended to add to my True Crime mini-set. Seeing as I really don't want it to salute people arrested multiple times, it has people in it like Orlando Bowen, Linda Sobek, and now, James Shaw Jr. I don't think I can elaborate beyond the write-up on the card. But it is an interesting addition to the mini-collection.
I'm not really sure why I added this, the only hockey autograph in the box, to my collection. Maybe I was just in the mood to add a Chronology sig to my collection, and this was the cheapest one. But it is a nice legible signature from someone without a lot out there, so it still feels like a card that would be interesting to me.
Sure, it might be a stereotypically girly heart, but it still qualifies as adding artwork to your autograph, and that's enough for me. It might not be as massive as the one Franky Monet used, but it still counts. If only Aubrey shared her card with an adorable pooch.
What can I say I like vertical signatures on stickergraphs?
I really don't think it matters who gave you the nickname - it really takes nerve to sign Eazy E as your signature. I'll just say I hope that anybody who would be upset about that doesn't take things personally.
This was the same photo that was used on many of his rookie cards, and I immediately loved it as a rare interesting photo on a collegiate card. It's a very intimidating photo, and even better, Darrisaw is one of the great unloved (except by folks like me) on cardboard since he's an OL guy. If I were intensely following the NCAA, I'd probably cheer for the Hokies because Bruce Smith is my favourite all-time Bill. So, it also has that. And even abbreviated, a nice looking auto as well! 
This one was added exclusively because of the note COMC had on the card - (Incorrect Auto - Daniel Hamilton). One of these with the correct sticker attached is more expensive than the error version. Myself, I'd pay more for the oddity that is this one. Proper Daniel Hamilton autos from this set are also more expensive. I figure mine is a two-for-one deal.
Not only is he (in)famous for having an opposition player barf on him during a game, he also has this sentence on his wikipedia entry 

"Funderburk was charged with larceny property damage by university police after driving off with two car boots, damaging the boots and the concrete surface in the parking lot."

Which should bring back memories of Homer Simpson driving in New York.
At least it should. 
And I just liked his auto here. Probably just because the Roman numeral is on the autograph, but not on the card. 
This card could just as easily find a home in my penmanship binder as in my Expos binder. Even if his career was brief, at least he did reach the bigs for several seasons. The interesting thing about these is you can see if the signature deteriorated as he got deeper into the numbering scheme. It didn't.
Vinny Capra appeared in 8 games for the 2022 Jays. He's now in the Milwaukee system after a short stop in Pittsburgh. In a bit of an oddity for modern releases - this card out of Chrome Update, and its parallels were the only major releases he had. No base cards outside of anything but minor league team sets. But when you're a team collector, any card is a good card to welcome someone to your collection.
Here's someone else that could be in two binders. Given that he's now in the Reds system, and never made it above AAA in Toronto, he's probably bound for the penmanship one. That's likely a Buffalo Bisons jersey that's received the Panini treatment in this photo.
I'd like to think that Angel Ramirez is the reason people get "Sign Here" instructions with their cards. This wasn't just a one-off either. He also did this the next year in 1997.
Finally, the reason for this post.  I lamented in the Whitey Herzog post that Jimmy Key was in danger. Hopefully this ends it. Jimmy doesn't have a lot of post-career cards, but at least there seem to be more of him with the Jays as opposed to his other stops. Which makes finding an autograph of his slightly easier. And I'll repeat myself again - he could go into either the team binder or the penmanship binder. Here - probably the former. 

And there you have it!

Saturday 20 April 2024

Your 2024 Heritage Blue Jays


While the Mets content has yet to show up from last weekend, featuring an autograph I can't wait to welcome to that team collection. But the Jays content has shown up, and let's check the content out.
Here's some of the more basic of the base. Nothing too interesting here other than a real love for putting yellow on the bottom of the cards, a very licensing-friendly photo on Kirk, and Davis Schneider squatting out his autograph.
The Jays got a grand total of one card among the SP portion of the set, which will be one of a handful to salute Jordan Hicks' partial season with Toronto. It's either this or Big League. Both of which feature the exact same photograph. 
This one received a little bit of attention earlier this week. Thanks to Hagen Danner himself sharing on Twitter that it isn't him on this card. 
Apparently he refused to autograph the card for this release. I can't blame him, especially for a card coming from an official release. I do already have one of his from Elite Extra Edition, so at least I wasn't relying on this.
This makes his cartoon factoid even more ridiculous. The photo is of Bradin Hagens, who was never in the Jays system and has been playing overseas the past few years.
Another error means I got a couple of these cards in with my stacks of Toronto cards. The back of the card is correct though.
Here's a pair of those MVP/Leader cards. 
These white border parallels are something I could probably do without. Don't they just defeat the purpose of having such a colorful set?
And I got one of the photo variations as well. The photo isn't exactly more unique in any way than the regular one, except that the facsimile signature is clearer up against the lighter uniform. But this was as close as I got to a hit in this.

And there you have it! For reasons other than welcoming that Alonso auto into my collection, I'm more looking forward to when the Mets content arrives, so I can make more direct comparisons on how the team looks between then and now.

There you have it!

Thursday 18 April 2024

2024 Adventures in Repacks - Part 11 - Not Surprising

 It looks like that the Surprise Bag era of the Dollarama repacks is gone, and these are the replacements:

So, a price increase up, but now there's four items per repack again. 
And these are the four repacked items. A couple new header designs as well. As usual, clockwise from the top left.
A Sens card in the first repacked pack? I'm happy with that. And a couple nice horizontal photos. That's perfectly fine. 
2/3 pointing photos. The low-camera on the Forsberg almost gives it a 3-D look.
Is the Superstar promised the one of the past or the one of the present? Either way, a Whalers appearance is always nice!
I'm not scanning everything in that Score pack. Still, there's some nice stuff. That Gretzky was actually the first card in the pack - always a sign something's going to be interesting. Kurri joins him for the HOF content. There's a couple fathers of guys currently in my PC - Jeff as the dad of current Senator Jakob, and Brent as the dad of 2/14er Brandon. And the Missing Link! 

That was so much fun, let's bust another!

Pretty similar repacked packs, just the unopened wax has changed.

That Frank Zamboni card remains one of my favourite oddball entries into any set of the junk wax era. Just so random. Brent Burns is always a fun player to find cards of. 
Even if it is just a base card, Auston Matthews making an appearance among repacked cards is pretty unexpected. Still, it is an entry from the dull 2021-22 release. With Evgeny Davydov in the first pack, and Evgenii Dadonov here, it looks like I hit the two most unexpectedly similar player names in Sens history. 
WOO-HOO! Sens card! And unlike the ones earlier in this repack, I can say for certain that I don't have this one already. The Zdeno portion of my Sens collection is so sparse I knew that when I saw the card. Which is really, really depressing when I think of the # of Sens cards in that collection.
And the finale. Again, I've got a pair of HOFers with one being on those Hull Heroes inserts that I recall being coveted at the time. And being UD at the time, there's a couple nice photos with the puck almost being the star on Brian Glynn's card, and an intense face-off photo on Smith. Face-off photos need to appear more frequently on hockey cards - an integral, but overlooked part of the game on cardboard.

If I land a new PC card, it's a good break! There you have it!

Wednesday 17 April 2024

It Happened Again?

 Barely a week after I lament having an autograph in my to-be-posted box, waiting to show it off, only for the signer to pass away in the meantime, it happens again.

I hope this isn't a curse.

Looks in box...

Poor Jimmy Key.

Tuesday 16 April 2024

Baseball from Night Owl

 Back to the mailbag this morning, and all of the baseball content from a recent bubbler that showed up from Watertown, NY.  The even more numerous Bills content will be in a future post.

I can't go wrong opening up with some vintage, and some vintage with Dr. Ron Taylor. He could also double as an addition to the CanCon collection, even being with the Blue Jays as their team physician. That included during their World Series runs.
It looks like the Mets have someone named Jett in their system. And a guy with 2 first names. That has to bode well for the team, right? I guess I should be optimistic about Diaz being in perfect health, given that Topps included him in Series 1 instead of waiting for Update to see if he'd play.

Considering the Stadium Club 2023 I ended up busting was zero, I welcome any and all from that set. It was also nice to see some appearances of the 2023 rookies that provided some level of hope in the depressing 2023 season in this mailer, such as Senga, Alvarez and Baty.
Scary ghosts! Sure, the gimmicked natured of that parallel is a bit much, but at least it ended up as a team colour match.
Both Ginter and the Holiday sets were another item I didn't bust any of last year. At least I do recall seeing the latter on retail store shelves at some point.
If you, for reasons unknown to me, were wondering that the non-ghostly background of the Mendick was like, here's your answer!
Another colour matched card to end the Mets portion of this post. This is an orange crackle foil parallel, and is out of /299. 
While not as numerous as the Mets content, there was some Jays content as well.  Love those Archives 65s!
But the Jays portion did provide a hit! While I should love getting a swatch from one of their alternate red jerseys, it always seemed that the Jays would lose every time they'd wear them. Maybe I should consider this a good thing that they're getting one of those cursed jerseys out of the locker room.

I'm not even halfway through this mailer - lots and lots of Bills content still to come.

Sunday 14 April 2024

To Think I Just Wanted a Team Set

 Yet, I end up with this out of a Heritage break earlier today. 

My first Real One red auto and my first Alonso auto. 


This box topper was pretty nice too.

Saturday 13 April 2024

Blog Bat Around: Top 5 Pulls

 Others are doing it, so I'll do so as well. Let nobody say I won't follow the leaders!

Honourable Mentions:

This probably would have cracked the Top 5. But this was a redemption out of Optic that became a Status autograph. So I guess this technically isn't a pull since I had to work for it, and it wasn't exactly what I pulled in the end. At least it ended up replaced with a Kobe, and I requested the replacement a couple months before his passing.
These make honourable mention because I pulled them in back-to-back boxes that I picked up for Boxing Day in 2018. I don't think I could have made better pulls from two mid-range boxes opened in order. Two legends, swatches included, both /15. On-cardness and a patch gives the nod to Brodeur. 

Nothing beats a Hall of Famer pull out of a low-end, set builder box. The recent allegations against him, as well as his photo-sharing habits, keep this out of the top 5.

The Actual Top 5:

I knew I had to put a repack pull in here. It still is really hard for me to consider a Leafs card the best pull, but should I decide to sell this card, it would probably pay for several years worth of repacks with one card. 


With Chronicles becoming my favourite annual release, I knew I'd have to put one of their cards on the list as well. Can't go wrong with this Acuna 1/1! It being a superstar's auto is the reason I put this over the Austin Hays 1/1 I also pulled from this, which probably would replace it if I  were going solely on aesthetics. 


Now this was a way to start a PC, with this being my first card of the future NBA Champion! Nothing beats pulling a card of someone you PC, especially when it was probably one of his first chase cards, especially if you're chasing one of them in their NBA colours. I was indifferent as to whether it was Kentucky or Denver, but I wouldn't complain either way. 

As a bonus, this box also contained a /25 Pascal Siakam rookie for the Raptors PC.


A tie!
I couldn't go wrong picking either. And how to decide between the two? On-card? Nickname included? If I used the box as a tie-breaker, I'd go for the SPGU, since that box also landed me my first Gretzky and my first Lemieux relics as well, making it the most consistently great box I've busted. But the colour on the playbook is so well done, without overpowering the card. It is the better looking of the two.

I can't choose. So they tie. 

There you have it!