Wednesday 17 July 2024

An Extension

I never managed to find any UD Series 2 in the retail wild. Too many Bedard chasers out there, and I'm really only hunt cards once-a-week if I'm at Walmart. This time, there was a few hanger boxes of Extended there, along with another first for me - a soccer repack. If I collected outside of 2/14 guys, I might have opted for the latter.


I still opted for Extended.
First card out hits that sweet spot of a sweet photo, as Rasmus Dahlin makes his entrance at the All-Star Game. Or the Skills Competition. Nice, even if it is 2023's game. 
If the jerseys weren't enough proof they used the previous year's ASG, here's more. Kadri wasn't an all-star this season. Calgary was represented (sorta) by Elias Lindholm, who had actually been traded to Vancouver just prior. Speaking of Vancouver - sweet throwback! Also, an ASG exclusive mask is a sweet way to add a new card to the mask binder.
Sens content! I do have a pile of group break Sens from Extended on the way, so this will end up as a dupe. Still, they're fun to pull!
The insert portion. Simon technically isn't an insert - it's one of those SP'd base cards. When UD runs out of potential rookies to stick in the set, they just make draft pick themed cards. The Dubois can act as a "Oh yeah, he was on the Kings in 23-24" reminder, and the Knies Dazzlers is an orange parallel - retail exclusives.
If you liked that earlier appearance of the Canucks throwbacks, but instead wanted the full look, now you have it  The whip effect on a stick always looks nice with the perfect angle. And there's the second Wings cards (with a Wolverine bonus this time) bound for Ann Arbor.
And there's a bunch more fairly non-standard photos for the finale. 

A perfectly fine break of a hanger box. 

There you have it!

Monday 15 July 2024

A Ranger Roundup

Back to my COMC to-be-posted box, and cards representing, either directly or indirectly, players who have spent time with the Kitchener Rangers.

Back-to-back doggie posts! Sort of. Landeskog does seem like an odd choice for inclusion in a set in 23-24, since he missed all of this season and the previous one. He does plan to appear in 24-25, so the potential to pule on more cards featuring him returns.
Despite having a pile of team awards over his career (Memorial Cup, Calder Cup, Stanley Cup, Olympic gold) I didn't have any cards directly saluting Mike Richards' time with the Rangers.
Eminger was Richards' teammate on their Memorial Cup winning team, returning to junior after a short stint in Washington. He didn't have quite the championship career that Richards managed to, but still managed almost 500 NHL games over it. He also spent 200+ games in the AHL, and here's evidence he was rather happy during one of them in Portland.
The only numbered card - Jeff Skinner on /100 colour-matching red parallel out of 13-14 Totally Certified. 
And the only hit. Ingham did get a card in an Extended release after serving as back-up for some time with the Kings, but has yet to get into an official game. He's still doing the AHL thing with the Ontario Reign.
And a bunch of "cheap because of e-packs" additions. I've never really entered anything into TCDB outside of the hits, but I'm fairly certain that Gibson would probably lead the way if I counted them up. Mainly because he's been in pretty much every set non-stop since 2013.

There you have it!

Friday 12 July 2024

4 Years of Mischief


Another year, another time to show off the lovely curly lady dog in my life on her birthday. 

And to show off the cards I've added to her birthday bind, slider box. 

I feel I've been pretty good when it comes to not going overboard with this, at least in comparison to my 2/14 collection. But if something comes up that does hit the sweet spot of fitting in with this, and any of my other PCs, then I can justify getting one or two new cards.
Currently, the biggest name in the collection is NBAer Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. Historically, it probably is George Washington Carver. This comes from 2009 Topps American Heritage, which utilized a bunch of baseball designs in it, ala Archives. The only other contender historically might be Malala Yousafzai.

I'll note that Bill Cosby is also a 7/12 baby, and he could also have been a contender for a top spot quite a few years back.

Please don't send me any of his cards.

With Mischief being a little girl, I'm always looking to add cards to the ladies' portion of the collection. I still haven't added Hilary Knight, but here's an Inbee Park to add my first golf card. It follows the Upper Deck tradition of being ridiculously cheap because of e-pack availability. 

Another parallel. These golds might not be super shiny, but this one does have a nice throwback uniform going for it. This hits the 'interesting photo' motif, and is an exception to my request not to pile on cards of the people featured in the Mischief posts. When someone gets an interesting card, one is never enough.
Another 'cheap because of e-packs' entry features a first round draft pick of the Columbus Blue Jackets. When I got this card, my first thought was "That logo isn't long for the world". And yes, by the time I had it in hand, it had already been replaced. They did the Peoria Chiefs thing of keeping the name, but ditching the motif. With a name like Warriors, there were a lot more options. 
I don't have any Aussie NBL cards in my birthday collection. Mischief has one. 
More crossover here, and twice the crossover potential. Landon Leach could easily make the penmanship binder with his signature, but I could also have him in my baseball Canadians collection as well. His minor league career does appear to have ended in 2022, but for this collection, or any of them he qualifies for, that doesn't matter.

I'm quite proud of myself for not going too overboard with this mini-collection.

There you have it!
And here you have one more picture of Mischief, sharing a sweet moment with her fence-bouncy boyfriend, Oslo.

Wednesday 10 July 2024

2024 Adventures in Repacks - Part 20 - More repacked Packs


One of baseball, one of hockey from Ol' Wally World. 
Other than the alternate red jerseys on the Jays (As usual when they sport them, I'll assume the Jays lost that day), and a different angle on the Jansen, nothing major in the opening group.
The helmetless photo of Arozarena is at least something interesting on the Stars insert. I still wouldn't weep if the insert set went away, or at least used a more interesting name. But that Puckett is just a beauty. The classic blue jersey makes it even better. The only thing keeping it from perfection is the less-than-perfect view of the shoulder patch.

The pack ends with a quintet of magnificent horizontal photos, all nicely using the format. With the rough start, that's a very solid ending.
Decent enough mix in the Platinum Anniv. pack. As expected, the Justice looks really nice in hand, as 
2021-22 Parkhurst was just as dull as the 2021-22 flagship release. At least this had the excuse of being Parkhurst, where you don't really expect anything spectacular from the cards in a photographic sense.
The insert was shiny, at least.
And the flagship finale has a mask binder card to go alongside with a superstar rocking an alternate uniform. Perfectly fine ending. 

Nice effort from hockey, but the second half of Series 2 is enough to make this one baseball > hockey.

There you have it!

Monday 8 July 2024

Welcome, Brooks Lee

I check the various *-reference sites way too frequently when the seasons are on, just to see if some new 2.14 player has made their debut. Turns out there was a newcomer over the past few days, with Brooks Lee making his way to the Twins line-up, picking up a pair of hits in his debut game, and getting his first home run on the 6th. 

Best of all, I already had a card of his! I pulled this one from a box of Chronicles late last year, and had it grouped with the rest of the cards from that box - oblivious to the fact he was a 2/14 baby. No vital stats on the back, so I can defend missing it.

But not anymore! 

Although I did quickly did remedy the lack of a card of him on the Wichita Wind Surge.

Sunday 7 July 2024

Mets Miscellany

It seems the power of Grimace has worn off the past few days for the Mets, but it was fun while it lasted. That might mean I'm a little late in showing these off in terms of on-field success, but any time is a nice time to show off Mets cards. More specifically, the random stuff in my to-be-posted box.

Stadium Club is always a great start, even if it looks like that Rey Ordonez is performing the most awkward bunt in baseball history. Or the most spectacular bunt in baseball history.
Here's a little more flattering entry. Even it isn't game action, it still has a photo worthy of the SC brand, and uses the horizontal layout to let the stadium co-star alongside Wright.
Pennant design flashback!
And again! I have to give the nod to Alonso, since the 2021 redux issue has stats on the card, as opposed to the set info on the 70th year Carter.
And I can segue off that into a more literal appearance of a Polar Bear on this insert card out of Big League. I love the Topps Kids vibe on this, and it sorta fits nicely for Big League. Sadly, I've seen very little of it on the local shelves.
More Big League! 
And more Brett Baty. I've had this one sitting in the TBP box for so long, I can't even remember if I got this card on COMC itself or just had it shipped there after picking it up directly from Topps. Cool moment though!
Not only does this provide an interesting card for the collection, but it also comes in the form of a poster that looks like one for a film that would show up during a Season 4 episode of MST3K. 

There you have it!

Thursday 4 July 2024

Sticker Time!

 Just a random sticker insert today.

I'm not sure too many children were excited to stick Morten Andersen (and Dan Stryzinski) on their binders back in the day, but there was still an opportunity. Even if the ball is visible both in the photo and separately on the sticker.

But looking at the checklist, at least it isn't a Yardmarkers card, or 'Referee', or 'Action Words'.

Or Anthony Smith.

Tuesday 2 July 2024

More Budget Prospecting

With another box of 2023 Elite Extra Edition that I busted a while back, and am finally getting around to scanning.

Usually, I try to maintain the cards in pack order for this product. But I mixed things together while scanning some for tcdb images, and they ended up out of order. Fortunately, these packs were predictable with how they were assembled. One base card. One insert. One numbered parallel. Two hits. So I can at least maintain some sort of order in showing them off.

These are the base cards. Wyatt Crowell is a Dodgers pick, so that will probably be part of a future Night Owl mailer. Austin Troesser is the first Mets card I'll end up with this. The only non-pitcher in this group is the highest draft pick among these, 25th overall to the Padres.
Your parallels. Even if he's listed as an International, Rodriguez is my second Mets card of the post. He's a 17-year old prospect out of Venezuela. If he makes the big leagues, this will be a nice little item in the team PC. It is numbered to just 10. The Hales is also interesting, at least if you have a bit of immaturity in you. Those particular die-cuts are numbered to the player's jersey number, subtracted from 100. Hales wears #31.
So, it is numbered /69. Nice.
And the inserts. Nothing mind-blowing here aside from my first card of Dylan Crews. That's Blake Mitchell of the Royals on the unreadable foil on the Future Star Status card.
The relics. I guess patches aren't a thing on DPL uniforms, because that /7 parallel is built for a really thick swatch to be attached, but it is just a multi-color peace from the jersey. It is still a neat little item.
The first auto is one I'll be waiting a little bit for. But it should eventually turn into a Night Owl bound Dodgers-graph.
A couple DPL signatures. Sure, you might have to wait until the international signings period to find out if/where they are heading to in terms of MLB affiliation, but at least they have more interesting signatures than most of the other autos in modern releases. 

And one of them has the initials ZZ. That can't be anything but great!
Hidden Gems probably is just a nicer way to say "We still have some of their stickers around". White (Marlins) is still doing the minor league thing this season, but DeVos (Astros) has been injured. 
Mets card #3! Williams has struggled a little this year with a move up to AA, but a move up the ladder still means their first rounder from '22 is progressing through the system. And given the up-and-down nature of his full name, the signature does look kinda readable. As long as I don't look for the M or any of the vowels in his last name. 
Finally, a couple die-cut autographs to end the box. With guys named Jett and ZZ already showing up, Roccaforte still might be the best name in the box. These are also the only two numbered autographs in the box, with Winokur being a far rarer /35. 

But there you have it!