Friday 31 December 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 50 - The Finale for 2021


The final repack of 2021 for me is one of those 7-11 hockey Surprise Bags, with these as the contents. As usual, clockwise from the top left means I'm starting with the rookies.
It might be from one of those free Hockey Card Day packs, but the Laine really stands out in this one. And the other two are still in the league as well for a very solid grouping.
Not just a good grouping of players for the 1000pt players pack, but all three are horizontal cards. I really like how it accentuates the chase on the Damphousse.
Are all three of these players Superstars? Bure? Certainly was during his day. The other two both have MVP trophies to their names. So I guess they are, even with all of Taylor Hall's movement the past few seasons. 
Memorabilia is from a one-game NHLer, so I'm guessing this was player-worn vs game-worn. The masked hit binder awaits!
And City Lights was the insert set that covered the city as opposed to the player in the write-up, so there's also that.

First up, there's that Vancouver Blazers card of George Gardner, which would be much nicer if I hadn't pulled the card already out of a repack. Glen Wesley's might be one of the more unique ways to use a horizontal design. Claude Vilgrain was the first, and still only, Haitian-born NHLer.  George Parros provides a really incredible looking entrance shot, and the final card to show up is of a Kitchener Rangers alum, albeit in dupe form. 

There you have it!

Wednesday 29 December 2021

TMV Mailer!

 I showed off one of the cards from the mailer yesterday as part of a Raptors post. Today, the rest of the goodies!

What are the chances that a card I'd been looking at acquiring to complete a nameplate would become available not only once, but twice, within a couple weeks time. And that assuming all 5 letters on the nameplate have equal print runs, that happening with a card that has a print run of about 80 total. Looks like it is COMC for this one!

That was it for the hockey, but not it for the cards vanishing off my not-so-realistic want list. This SSP variation of Vladdy spent about a week or so on there, replacing the Stanley Johnson relic want, before it was replaced by...

my desire to add a Jose Canseco Jays autograph to that collection. Which again disappeared off my list. Some great work in doing damage for that list.

But there were some more generic additions to my PCs. 5 players - 5 new 2/14 cards. The Garrard is a Select version - the only numbered card in this fivesome, being /999.

But the 2/14 love didn't stop with just those football cards, as here's a printing plate out of Flawless, adding yet another 1/1 to that binder, as I close in on the 100 mark for Rip Hamilton. 
Shiny (at least partially) Expos!
That Canseco wasn't the only Blue Jays ink in this, as here's an Aaron Hill appearance. 
This card is /25, but you really wouldn't think that looking at how tiny and plain the swatch is. Still, it is a nice low-numbered card of someone who would not make my Top 3 of the most panic-inducing QBs of the post-Kelly, pre-Allen era in Buffalo. 

The only thing better than one swatch is two of 'em! And this is quite the battery!
And some miscellaneous stuff to end it. As with the 2/14 grouping, there's a numbered card sneaking into this scan - the Fred Jackson is /199.

There you have it! Thanks for all these binder additions, and I'll have some firepower to return a package whenever the next COMC mailer arrives. 

Monday 27 December 2021

Raptors of Various Sources

When you have a couple Raptors cards in your COMC to-be-posted and several in your trade box, here's a way to get them all out of the way in a single post.

There was but a single Raptors card in my latest mailer from Dennis @ Too Many Verlanders, but it is an important one for the binders. I would like to add one card of every player who got one as a Raptor, and National Treasures' relic cards provided my only Stanley Johnson possibilities. Here's one that where it was better to send out the batsignal than to pay $20 for cross-border-shipping.
Here's another player with only one appearance on cardboard in a Raptors uniform. This Instant release, commemorating a 30 pt game against Orlando, is also his only NBA card to date. It also provides a look at the temporary digs they had last season in Tampa. Paul has since moved on and is with OKC now, so this will likely be his only Toronto card.

Even in cartoon form, I have to add any championship themed cards.

As I close in on the moment where he'll actually have cards as a member of the Raptors, here's my second relic card of Scottie Barnes. 

Switching to a recent PWE from Kerry @ Cards on Cards, here's another player who didn't get a lot of cardboard during his one-and-done season in Toronto. While I realize he didn't exactly have piles of photos to choose from for this card, could Panini possibly have come across at least one where his foot covering up his country on this International entry?

Despite being listed with Portland, I'm certainly counting this Norman Powell card towards the ol' PC. He's still a Raptor in the photo, and that's good enough for me!

A holographic finale from the PWE!

So, to my trading partners, thanks for these cards, and thanks to my COMC credit for the Siakam, Watson and Barnes!

Sunday 26 December 2021

Just A High-End Vladdy Sr Sorta Sunday


And it is harder to do more high-end than a card out of Transcendent. Perfect when I'm in the mood to show off a card, but not feeling verbose.

Saturday 25 December 2021

Christmas Chronicles

 I was originally going to show off the contents of one of the hobby boxes I had of this, but I'm lazy. So you get this:

Yet, this worked out quite nicely for both overall contents, and one of my PCs.

Pretty blah for the first card out, but Score's still a solid design, and it does allow me to flashback to my best pull of 2021.

If this were Bowman, I'd call these the paper base cards. That works just fine here as well. I'm automatically going to like any 2021 release that features cardboard fans looking on. 

Here's the one-per hanger America's Pastime card.

Now, the collation gets interesting, as a pair of Trevor Story cards appear back-to-back. Gold Standard's baseball debut is my favourite design among these newer base cards. 

Mets content! WOO-HOO!

2/14 content! WOO-HOO! This pulsar entry becomes my 12th card of the 2/14 collection newcomer, who only debuted in the binders a little less than 2 months ago.

Plus, pack-pulled additions to that collection are always the most fun.

Something chrome-y, something shiny. 

Mickey Mantle is a solid way to end a  pack.

Even better when it is a /50 parallel.

There you have it!

Friday 24 December 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 49.5 - Cubism

1999 Finest /2000 - Adrian Griffin - A nice start. Griffin would win a championship ring as a Raptors assistant coach.
1998 Stad. Club - Clarence Weatherspoon
1989 Hoops - Derek Harper
1999 Stad. Club - Allan Houston
1990 Skybox - Magic Johnson - The star power continues!
2015 Complete - Ed Davis
1992 Archives - Jerry Reynolds - Archives!
2017 Prestige - Jordan Clarkson
2018 Prizm - Klay Thompson
1993 UD - Latrell Sprewell
1992 Archives - Horace Grant - Archives!
1990 Hoops - Jeff Malone
1993 Hoops - Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf
1992 Ultra - Duane Causwell
2003 Platinum - Joe Johnson
1998 Metal Universe - Allan Houston - With all the Allan Houston in this part, I might as well show off one of 'em!
1989 Hoops - Gerald Wilkins
1992 Archives - Shawn Kemp
1994 Classic Assets - Juwan Howard
2009 Topps Gold /2009 - Greg Oden - The final numbered card!
2015 Prizm - Nicholas Batum
2004 SPA - Speedy Claxton - Gotta scan a Speedy!
2018 Prizm - Eric Gordon
2019 Prizm - Jalen Brunson
1990 Hoops - William Bedford
1992 Archives - David Robinson - Told ya a couple posts bask that I'd land the regular Robinson base from this.
2015 Complete - Devin Harris
1998 UD - Michael Stewart - There haven't been too many horizontal cards in this. But here's one!
1997 Chrome - Austin Croshere
2018 Prizm Silver - Oscar Robertson - A shiny card of a legend.
1998 Ionix - Roshown McLeon - Let's see some non-Fleer 90s abrasiveness.
1997 Skybox - Chris Webber
2009 SP Game Used SIGnificance - Kyle Weaver - The last hit - I hadn't heard of him, but he played parts of 3 seasons before heading overseas.
1999 Apex - Toni Kukoc
2019 Contenders - DeAndre Jordan
1992 Archives - Blue Edwards
1994 Fleer - Roy Tarpley
1992 Ultra - Dexter Cambridge - Voted most likely to share a name with a British butler.
2018 Prizm - Mario Hezonja
1990 Hoops Decade - Toni Kukoc
1990 Hoops Decade - James Posey
1998 UD - Luc Longley
2015 Hoops - Darren Collison
1996 UD - Allan Houston
2013 Hoops - Omer Asik
1992 Archives - Derrick Coleman - The final Archives card, and the border actually goes with the team colours. I've now got 66/150 of this set, exclusively through repacks.
2005 Toops - Matt Maloney
2013 Hoops - Raymond Felton
2004 SPA - Kareem Rush - That's a pretty good last name for a basketball player.
2015 Hoops - Nikola Vucevic - That's it!

Another solid group o'cards!