Sunday 31 May 2020

One Card Only: But Two Patches

I landed the Capitals in a random of Premier a few weeks ago. While I also got a base card of Ovie along with a base card and swatch from Madison Bowey, this is the easiest keeper I've landed in a bit. That's obviously a piece of the shoulder patch for Ovechkin, but I'm not to certain about Kuznetsov. A piece of the number perhaps?

Still, it goes nicely with the auto I've had of Ovie for a bit.

Thursday 28 May 2020

Football Miscellany

Just some random football cards from my COMC to-be-posted box.
A nice little vintage start to the post, but why would I add this card? It isn't a 2/14 card. Not a Bills card either...
It is because I can call this a wrestling card as well.
Like with the first card, this one is in the collection because of the reverse of the card, even though this is a pretty nice image of the ball gently floating into Horn's hands.
CFL information on the back!
While Jamaal's Jump might not have the staying power of the Lambeau Leap, this is still a pretty great photo in a set that has a lot of them.
Uh...Bryant...that's not how you use mustard.
While my favourite cards from the Elements insert sets (before it became its own release) were ones that focused on the miserable weather that the games sometimes take place during, this one makes the misc. football binder based Miller's wide-eyed focus on recovering the fumble.
I've got to have at least one Bills card in here, right?

There you have it!

Tuesday 26 May 2020

PWE Chronicles

Today, a trio of PWEs from Jooe of CrazieJoe fame.
I didn't really keep track of which cards came from which envelopes. So, I'm just grouping them by where the cards will end up. This is probably the big one in the envelopes in terms of value, being the rookie card of a player who had a 12-year career on this side of the Atlantic, spending all but one of them in red and black with either the Sens or Devils.
The best thing about Alfredsson cards is that even if they're dupes in that collection - they are likely needed in my regular Sens collection.
Here's a sampling of the rest of the Sens cards spread over the 3 envelopes. The Benoit isn't a Sens need, but since he's a Kitchener Rangers alum, he can also appear in a second PC.
And here's some mask binder cards. That Mrazek is a 2/14 card, but since it is a dupe there it can slip into the mask binder.
And here's some random Bills cards to end it. Always some variety!

There will be a Leafy envelope making its way to Burlington in the near future!

Sunday 24 May 2020

2020 Adventures in Repacks: Part 22 - More Cardboard in Plastic

There's not a lot of repack options at Wally World, so here's another one of these.
I'll start with the 20 assorted cards, of which I did get myself a new Senators card out of the deal.
There was a nice representation of cards I don't see much of in repacks. I like the appearance of Topps Total in this, even if the players featured really don't seem like the obscure healthy scratch types you'd expect from Total.
Here's the rest of the cards. The game-dated photo makes the Storr card the highlight in this group.
There were a pair of Rangers alum among the packs.
And the pack hits. The black parallels are slightly rare in these, being 1:10 packs. And a Young Guns card as well. Hyka spent a handful games with the Golden Knights over two seasons, but is back overseas this past season in the KHL.

There you have it! A perfectly acceptable repack.

Friday 22 May 2020

One Card Only: Decisions, Decisions

Here's a card with an interesting looking (if not necessarily detailed) autograph that would fit nicely into my Senators collection, even if it is a minor league card from their time in Binghamton.

But he also spent his entire OHL career as a member of the Kitchener Rangers in the late 90s. His NHL career consisted of 10 games over two separate stints with Ottawa, as well as 114 with the Panthers, also over two stints.

So, because my Sens binder is filling nicely, I'm probably going with the latter as its permanent home, since I think of him first from his junior days as opposed to his NHL days.

Again, my binders. My rules.

Thursday 21 May 2020

Raiding my Private Stock - Part 2

The second group of 4 packs to wrap up this box.

Pack 5:
Only 3 base cards would indicate the presence of another insert.
And here it is, with a Reserve Rookies card. Despite the Private Stock logo right above the name portion of the card, this seems more like a look I'd expect from a Crown Royale insert, even in one of today's releases.
Your minis.
And the relic. Yellow isn't a common colour for a Pens swatch, and Kevin Stevens has a lot fewer swatches out there that you'd expect from the 90s mainstay, so this is a pretty nice hit.

Pack 6:
There's my only numbered rookie base card in this. I had absolutely no memory of Hentunen. He played 28 games for Calgary, 10 more for Nashville, then played 10 more years in Europe. Still pretty good for a 6th rounder!
Yet another 90's mainstay for the swatch.

Pack 7:
Like with Pack 5, 3 base cards indicate an insert.
And the insert is of a positively youthful Jaromir Jagr.
Inserts add a new card to the mask collection.
And here's the first relic that doesn't match the team pictured. Fortunately, all you have to do is turn the card over to read that this is a Flames swatch.

Pack 8:
Your base cards, with the Lalime making a second appearance.
This time the mask binder cards go 2-for-2.
And the final hit is the second patch in the box. And unlike with the previous one, this one is obviously a patch.

There you have it! A perfectly fine box with nothing too mind-blowing, but still not feeling like I'd thrown the money away.

Tuesday 19 May 2020

Raiding my Private Stock

One of my favourite things about the Expo is getting a chance to bust a box of cards I may never have had the chance to bust before. So, with it being a no-go, I instead picked up a box of this to go with the Titanium and Rookie Anthology I posted earlier this month.

8 packs in the box, so I'll do 4 in this post, and 4 next post. Each pack contains a relic card, 2 minis, 3 base cards, with the final one being either another base, an insert, or a parallel.

Pack 1:
There's the base card look. There's also the first parallel of the pack, with the Fleury being /100.
The back of the base cards and the parallels are the same. I'll forgive the one line of stats when the photo on the back isn't re-used from the front. I'd probably have enjoyed this more if Theo's twitter feed wasn't such a train wreck of conspiracy nonsense.
And here's the two Minis, or, PS-2002 as they're called in this.
And my first hit. Not the biggest name to get a swatch from, but it matches the photo and I admit to not having much Robert Svehla in my collection.

Pack 2:
And another /100 parallel. If the packs can be believed, these fall every nine packs, so I definitely beat the odds here in an 8 pack box. Patrick Lalime was the only Sen I would land in this.
2 more minis, with me going back-to-back with Brodeur content.
Some more veteran content on the relic, with Sydor having a cardboard career that started with draft pick cards in 1990 through to 2009, along with some post-career hits.

Pack 3:
It is a Patrick Elias hot pack!
The numbered card run continues with the minis. If it weren't for the background, I might not even have noticed this. These are toughest listed pulls in this product, as per the packaging, falling 1 every 321 packs. That Luongo is a pretty nice mask binder mini as well.
Back-to-back Dallas swatches!

Pack 4:
Another pack with 4 base cards.
And another really good mask binder card with Potvin, bringing the Cat design to Kings colours.
My final hit of the first 4 is a patch card. One colour, but a patch is a patch and it is from another player who started in the junk wax era and went well into the 00's, which might be the theme for these past 3 hits. None of the 4 hits are numbered, including the patches, but that would change with later releases.

And there you have it! 4 more packs next time!