Tuesday 26 May 2020

PWE Chronicles

Today, a trio of PWEs from Jooe of CrazieJoe fame.
I didn't really keep track of which cards came from which envelopes. So, I'm just grouping them by where the cards will end up. This is probably the big one in the envelopes in terms of value, being the rookie card of a player who had a 12-year career on this side of the Atlantic, spending all but one of them in red and black with either the Sens or Devils.
The best thing about Alfredsson cards is that even if they're dupes in that collection - they are likely needed in my regular Sens collection.
Here's a sampling of the rest of the Sens cards spread over the 3 envelopes. The Benoit isn't a Sens need, but since he's a Kitchener Rangers alum, he can also appear in a second PC.
And here's some mask binder cards. That Mrazek is a 2/14 card, but since it is a dupe there it can slip into the mask binder.
And here's some random Bills cards to end it. Always some variety!

There will be a Leafy envelope making its way to Burlington in the near future!


  1. The Alfie trilogy and Ovation goalies are neat cards. I remember Volchenkov was a pretty good shot-blocker and body checker, but kind of a disappointment in Jersey overall.