Thursday 30 November 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 37.2 - Counting Down

And the other half!
2013 Update - Pat Neshek - If your name ends in -Hek, you'd likely be a visible card in this repack.
1992 Leaf - Thomas Howard
1997 Pinnacle - Paul Wilson - The Mets content starts early here.
1989 UD - Willie McGee
1987 Donruss - Juan Beniquez
2005 Ultra - Carlos Beltran - A nice, crisp, full-bleed photo\
1989 Topps - Stan Javier - His third appearance in this 80-card pack.
2002 Fleer Premium - Oooo! Premium!
1989 Topps - Oakland leaders
1980 Topps - Oakland Future Stars - Oldest card on this side
1997 Topps - Mariano Duncan - Turning two.
2007 Topps - Brian Bannister
2004 Topps - Jack Wilson - Magnificent! The dirt! The shadows! The throw to first! The aerials! How did I not already have this card?
1993 Topps - Carney Lansford
1990 Topps - Mike Schooler
1988 Score - Mookie Wilson - MOOKIE!
1988 Topps - Roy Smalley
1988 Topps - Johnny Ray
1987 Drake's - Dwight Gooden! Mets content! And even better - it is an oddball!
2000 Topps - Livan Hernandez
2002 Tradition - This side's version of "Surprised to find this set in a repack".
1991 Topps - Tony Pena
1988 Donruss - Mark Gubicza
1986 Topps Traded - Eric King
1993 Topps Gold - Todd Van Poppel - Another gold parallel - I'd imagine this was a good pull at the time.
1990 Pacific - Bill White - A nice card from a Legends set.
1987 Topps - Willie Wilson
1991 Fleer - Terry Kennedy
1991 Score - Andy McGaffigan
1992 Stad. Club - John Farrell
1987 Score - Dan Plesac - Stylin'! He even popped the collar!
1988 Fleer - Andres Galarraga - Expos content!
1988 Topps - Bobby Bonilla
2004 EX - Alfonso Soriano
1990 Topps - Ken Williams
1992 Score - Gary Scott
1995 Score - Ben McDonald
1993 Select - Dave Stieb - Jays content!
1991 UD - Turner Ward
2016 Heritage High #s - Ian Desmond - It ends as it began - with a card from the same set.

There you go!

Wednesday 29 November 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 37.1 - Counting Down

My varied orders off of COMC-->blowoutcards credit will be showing up as the week progresses, and I really want everything to arrive before I start posting the goodies. So, while I wait, I'll kill two days and two posts with an 80 card baseball hanger repack. One side at the time for two 40 card posts.
2016 Heritage High #s - Steve Cishek - The most recent card on this side was one of the two visible ones.
1998 Topps - Jeff Blauser - One of several 'turning two' photos in this repack, but this was the only one in this half.
1987 Topps - Kevin Romine
1988 Fleer - Terry Pendleton
1990 Topps - John Hart
1990 Score - Stan Javier
1992 Donruss - Ryne Sandberg
1991 Score - Danny Jackson
1991 Fleer - John Smiley
1988 Fleer - Henry Cotto
1979 Topps - Joe Wallis - The oldest card on this half.
1990 Donruss - Von Hayes
1999 Sports Illustrated - Edgar Renteria - One of those sets you don't expect a card from in a repack.
1991 Topps - Ken Howell
1987 Donruss - Stan Javier - I guess if I get two Stan Javiers, I should at least scan one of them.
1994 Topps Gold - Al Osuna - Parallel!
1993 Pinnacle - Lenny Webster
1987 Topps - LaMarr Hoyt - Player who looks most like my Grade 8 Industrial Arts teacher.
2008 Spectrum - Vernon Wells - Jays content!
2008 Heritage - Joe Crede - More Heritage!
1992 UD - Mark Gubicza
1988 Topps - John Franco
1988 Score - Tony Phillips
1992 UD - Bobby Rose
1990 Topps - Dickie Thon - Remember what I said about Stan Javier?
1989 Topps - Tim Teufel - Mets content!
1991 Bowman - Charlie O'Brien - More Mets content!
1989 Topps - Shawn Hillegas
1991 Score - Dennis Martinez - Expos content!
1997 Pinnacle - Charles Nagy - Another unexpected-for-repacks set.
1988 Donruss - Sam Horn
1989 Donruss - Kal Daniels
1998 Topps - Edgar Renteria - The third player to make multiple appearances in this part.
1989 UD - Mike Fitzgerald - Another Expos card.
1991 Donruss - Orel Hershiser
1989 UD - Jeff Kunkel
1989 Fleer - Charlie Hough
1988 Score - Devon White
2013 Topps Update - Tom Gorzelanny

2014 Topps Update - Jake McGee - And that ends this half.

Not a bad start for my $1.50 worth.

Tuesday 28 November 2017

New 2/14 Faces

I always love finding new candidates for the 2/14 binder, either coming through COMC Challenges or my googling. There are 5 new names for the spreadsheet this time, with 4 of them falling under the miscellaneous category.
Yes. There was a point in the early 90s when even jockeys got cards. He did make another appearance years later with a base card in ITG's Canadiana release. He's also doubles into a small side-collection of the 2-14 binder, as he also passed away on Valentine's Day.
Beanie Babies have birthdays. Yes, they count. And yes, both these are listed separately on the spreadsheet.
Soccer gets its 8th member of the collection with Scott Dann. I do want to reach the somewhat arbitrary goal of 18 total soccer cards (currently at 12) before it gets its own category.
And the only new face that is not miscellaneous is J'Covan Brown. It does seem that the fine folks at Leaf had only one photo available of him, so its on every card. He never played in the NBA, but has been active overseas since the card's issue. He's playing this season in Israel, should wiki be believed.

There you go!

Monday 27 November 2017

One Card Only: Completing the Trifecta

And here's the final of the 3 Bills rookie autographs of 2017. Matt Milano also has one, but none yet where he is listed or pictured as a Bill.
Plus, a 60+ yard interception return to seal a road victory should be enough to at least get your autograph featured the day afterwards. If Tre'Davious continues on his path as a contender for Defensive Rookie of the Year, I just hope there are no Kiko Alonso-ish stories.

Sunday 26 November 2017

Black Friday Champ's! Box 2!

Another box - another top 10 from the cards contained within.

I should include one of the fish cards from these boxes. And since I love my immaturity, why shouldn't I post a card of a crappie?

I do like the Northern Wonders insert set, but since this is a dupe, it can't go above the #9 spot.

Ditto the Famous Foods inserts. Another dupe as well.

Not counting random packs, I've busted 5 boxes of this stuff. 3 of them have had this McDavid rookie. At least this is a way to recover some of the cost of the box.

While the non-hockey base cards aren't as numerous as the non-baseball are in Ginter, that makes them a little more special and worthy of a highlight. I also landed a Samuel de Champlain, but that was a dupe, so, I highlight Damian Warner instead.

One of the two relics, but not one that really hits any of my PCs.

WOO-HOO! Sens parallel!

As I was saying yesterday, these are so much more fun when these cover player's individual superstitions as opposed to a team one.

WOO-HOO! Sens relic! That's 2 non-base Erik Karlsson cards in the same box.

And for the first time with these posts, the #1 position goes to the autograph in the box. Really hard to vote against an on-card autograph of a HOFer. A nice looking autograph is also a bonus.

There you go! I'm expecting a mid-week delivery of my Black Friday blowout boxes/case, so I should have enough wax to bust until Christmas.