Wednesday 8 November 2017

Breaking Down a PWE

Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown posted my return envelope yesterday before I even got around to posting the original envelope. That's typical me, but at least as I post this I'm finally caught up with my mailings! So, here are the goodies from a PWE that he sent my way.
Doggie cards! Doggies! I don't have nearly enough doggie cards! And now I have three more of some working dogs.
The envelope contained little additions to many of my PCs. Sure, we've moved on from the EJ era in Buffalo, but I still like his cards as yet another reminder to never, ever, ever get optimistic about anything related to the team.
As probably the only person who collects this Ryan Braun, I'm happy to add another autograph of the only MLBer ever who has my hometown as a birthplace on the back of his card.
Random David Wright!
Coming off my recent break of a box of Hometown Heroes is an addition to either that collection's parallels or my Jays collection. Despite the maple leaf, the 'ON' and the Toronto, there's no way that's a Jays jersey. I'll probably opt for the former.
And to end it, a new card for the 2/14 collection. I assume this long-expired phone card didn't cost $5 at this point, but I'll still add this to the hits/numbered 2/14 binder, since this was limited to a rather random 2466 copies.

And there you have it. Thanks for these, Gavin and I'm glad you liked the package I sent your way.


  1. Gavin is a bonafide PWE artist - love that Sprint phone card of Bledsoe. Does it get any more 90's then that?

  2. That Bledsoe is awesome! I bought a ton of those Classic Assets phone cards back in the day. Then a few years ago, I went out and bought some more boxes and built the $1 (or maybe it was the $2) phone card set.