Thursday 9 November 2017

Take a Snapshot!

I did some set building with a recent order from COMC credit, and threw one of these in the order with it. Not too costly and with an on-card autograph, this seemed just right.
Here's the first card. With a name like Snapshots, you really aren't expecting a spectacular action shot. This fits the bill with a simple design.
The card backs are also pretty simple, with just one line of career major or minor league stats.
The rest of the base cards. 2 Mets and an Expo - not bad. Although if I was providing a "look at the Topps photography vault", I really would have a hard time finding a reason to include some of the rookies shown here.
There's one parallel per box/pack. They really don't work that well when the uniform is already black and white.

And the auto:
A Canseco autograph isn't the incredible pull it once was, as these have become a little more commonplace in recent years. These are not too limited, being #315/350. Still, I'm of the right age to really enjoy this pull, as long as he didn't send Ozzie to sign it instead.

There you go! Back again after my Expo excursion.


  1. Meh on the Canseco. That being said, that is still a hell of a nice photo on Jose's card. I wonder if/when they used it. Maybe a SC release?

  2. Congratulations on pulling Canseco. As an A's fan, I have no problem with Topps flooding the hobby with his signatures.