Sunday 12 November 2017

Expo Recap Part 2: Comfort Food Part 1

Whether it is 2013-14 Rookie Anthology, or 2015-16 Champ's that takes my title of a comfort food box really depends on availability. In the Expo's case, I opted for the former. As usual when I bust a box as opposed to a case of these, I'll do 5 packs with each post, the remainder showing up next time.

Pack 1:
Off and running with a shiny start! The gold parallels of the Select Update is numbered out of 10. This strong opening will turn out to be a good predictor of the quality to come as the box progresses.

Pack 2:
Another shiny card, and another Select card. It is early, but that's the last we'll see of Select the rest of the way home.

Pack 3:
There's a reason I'm highlighting the two insert cards separately here. Nothing against Jesper Fast...
but he really comes a distant second when compared with this autograph. This is actually the second of these Score Signatures of Jaromir Jagr I've acquired from this subset, with a previous one coming in a group break. If I'm pulling a dupe autograph, it might as well be of a future HOFer. I'll probably COMC one of the two (likely the first one, since there was a small bit of ink loss on that one), and it should cover the cost of the box.

Dupes can be nice sometimes.

Pack 4:
I pretty much would have needed this to have included a 1/1 for it not to be a major letdown from the previous pack. And then it still

Pack 5:
A pack tailor-made for an eventual envelope to Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams. Even though I'm fairly certain I've already sent that Trouba.

And there you have it. Halfway through with a really great, but there are still a couple more really good autos to come in the second half of the box. Until next post!