Saturday 18 November 2017

Expo Recap Part7: Basketball and Baseball

As the Expo recap gets down to its second-last post of the show, time for some stuff from the baseball and basketball that didn't really fit into any of my PCs, but it just seemed like a nice inexpensive acquisition.
While the photo is the highlight here, as can be expected with Stadium Club releases. But, Ryon Healy was nice enough to add his autograph to the card. I did learn courtesy of the COMC Challenges that Healy is an Oregon alum, so I picked up a second card of his to send off to Kerry @ Cards on Cards.
Maybe the booth I came across with inexpensive autographs should have been set up in Northern California as opposed to Mississauga.
The only thing better than one Archives Fan Favourites auto is two of 'em.
While much of the 70s O-Pee-Chee stuff I picked up was destined for other bloggers, I did get a few for myself, mainly for interesting photos or for somewhat sketchy airbrushing.
Ditto for some 70s basketball. Do I really need an excuse to get a card of guy name Lucius? Or of World B. Free?
Completely random oddball Ginter relic! And yes, this got grouped with my baseball hits in that binder. Mainly because I don't have a Joggler binder.

There you go. One more post left!

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  1. Sweet Campy autograph! Was bummed out when I heard about Healy being traded. He was one of my favorite A's. Got a chance to see him hit his first MLB home run.