Monday 30 July 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 27.3 - Wally World

Time to bring this home with these 8 packs.
A retro update parallel highlighted the 13-14 UD pack. These may be the most garish design of these parallels in recent memory.
A gold parallel was about all that was notable about the Score pack. At least it was a need for my "I swear, I'm not building this parallel set set build".
Shininess in the platinum pack! That's not just your regular ol' rainbow parallel. That's the White Ice /199 version instead. And I get to use the Spezza tag again!
The MVP pack was so blah, I couldn't pick a most interesting card. So I'm scanning everything.
At least the all-base UD pack had a sorta-celebratory Zadorov.
 New 2/14 card. I'm genuinely surprised I didn't already have this 2/14 card in my collection.
Cool insert in the Parkhurst pack!
But an even better base card. While this isn't as great as the Young Guns card I pulled from a cubed pack, this is still my second Auston Matthews rookie card I've got from a Walmart repack.
Those Player Credential cards are absurdly cheap at COMC thanks to their availability in e-pack form. But they're still nice addition to my misc. binders. And there's a Rangers alumni as well.

That's a pretty solid ending to the packs. Mailbag stuff next time!

Sunday 29 July 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 27.2 - Wally World

Now, it's time for one of these. 8 packs now, 8 packs next time.
And these are the packs. Donruss Limited 1997? That's going to be a fun pack break, since I've never busted any of that. The rest are fairly standard repack stuff.
5 cards! 10 players! That's a fairly efficient pack in terms of content. I'm not sure if there's any connection between the players on the cards (Mellanby/Green?), but it was still an interesting little break of a 20+ year old product.
And now we jump all the way up to 2009 for the second pack. Not just one insert, but two of them! And Boris Valabik, who is both a Kitchener Rangers alum and a 2/14 baby.
At 6 cards per pack, the OPC stuff is just perfect for scanning.
Just perfect. 2009 easily defeats 2012 in both design and content. Blackand white photos are so great when they appear on modern cards,
I'm not scanning the entire contents of the 4 packs of 12-13 Score, but here were the 1-per-pack gold parallels. Can't complain about an appearance of Stanley!
And if I'm going to get some inserts, they might as well be Net Cam inserts.

8 packs down, another 8 to go. There's more variety tomorrow with 8 different sets making an appearance.

Saturday 28 July 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 27.1 - Wally World

It was time again to stock up on Fritos and Diet Pepsi, so why not get some repacks to go with it? I picked up one baseball and one hockey repack, both types I'd busted previously.

The baseball was one of those Championship Collection boxes, which had 15 packs (which were the standard 5 Triple Play, 2 Honus Bonus, 1 2015 Stars and Stripes, 1 2015 Select, 3 2014 Prizm, 2 2017 Topps S1, 2016 Topps S1) and a Leaf Ohtani card. I'm not going to scan everything, but will hit my highlights.
Here's the Ohtani. This will probably be in the hands of an Angels collector at some point.
Jays content! And yes, the Donaldson counts. My binder(s). My rules.
Mets content! The Cespedes might be my first HB card of a Met, but I'm really too lazy to confirm it.
I was kinda amused to pull a Stars & Stripes insert of Jamieson Taillon, especially since he already had Team Canada cards in the WBC Tribute set.
The rest of the inserts.
As for the rest of the best, this one was easily my favourite. You really didn't need to have logos on the card when a B&W Eddie Murray photo makes him look like he's going to rush the stands and make some heckler eat his wristbands.
Honourable mention to Denard Span disappearing in the Ivy.
And finally, there was a hit in the Select box alongside that NCAA-era Josh Donaldson. Nice and pinstripey as well!

There you have it! Hockey up next!

Friday 27 July 2018

A Flock of Jays

More COMC stuff, and some Jays content in this.
I'll start with a card of a guy who I'd forgotten made a brief stop in Toronto at the end of his career.  I came across a roster themed card with his name on it and had my "oh yeah..." moment. This does seem to be the only card where he's pictured with Toronto. So welcome to the collection Brian!
Lance Painter also made an appearance on one of those Showdown cards, and that seemed to be his only Jays card as well. That card was on my Top 10 list for a bit, then I noticed this team-issued card. It was cheaper, so this was the Lance Painter card for my Jays collection.
Rico Carty has cards from the 70s in my collection. But here's a card from 2001 and Upper Deck decades.
And remember, when Rico Carty tells you to buckle your seat belts, you buckle them.
If I'm going to get a card commemorating Edwin's wild-card walk-off, why not the blue variation?
And a few random additions to my player collection. I have way, way too few Topps Kids cards in my collections.
With card backs like that, I really need to add more of these.

Thursday 26 July 2018

2/14 Miscellany

Miscellany really should cover more than two cards, but these were the last two left in the box that were not a hockey or football card at this point. Aside from whichever one(s) I missed.
My second card of figure skater Jojo Starbuck leads the way this time. It was not until I checked ebay looking to see if there were reasonably priced autographs, found this, wondered why there is a Jojo Starbuck Steelers jersey and then googled it that I found out she was Terry Bradshaw's ex.
The other new card is a baseball one. Mac Guscette has been upgraded from the 14U USA baseball roster to the 15U baseball roster. meaning that searching for his cards is now just really creepy instead of incredibly creepy.

And there you have it!

Wednesday 25 July 2018

2/14 Hockey

Let's take another chunk out of the "to be posted" box.
Here's a vintage start for this post, and my 6th appearance of Charlie Burns in the collection. All of my cards of his date to his time with the North Stars, but I really should add one of him from his Bruins days, especially since they feature his trademark helmet. Perhaps a future addition to the "less reasonable" wantlist?
I love cityscape cards, so I'm somewhat surprised it took me this long to add this Hejduk insert card.
Combining my Senators collection and my 2/14 collection? Nice.
And here's #2 for that. I'm just a Black Back retro away from completing this rainbow. That's probably card #2 for my "less reasonable" wantlist.
More e-pack cheapness!
With a throwback jersey on the reverse, how could I pass on an opportunity to show it off?
Marian Gaborik will end up the big winner in this COMC mailing, with these 4 cards equaling the Ehlers content.
And he moves into the lead with this double relic. SPX in epack form is 1 card for $30. I paid about $1.25 for this. Ouch for the seller.
It's joined by the second hit of Gaborik in this post, and my second overall autograph of his. Like with SPX, this was an e-pack card, and that likely also made this cheaper than it should have been. Overall, this puts the Gaborik total at 174, 11 behind Milan Hejduk for the overall lead.

And there you have it. Some miscellaneous cards tomorrow to wrap up this 2/14 update.

Tuesday 24 July 2018

2/14 Football

After implying that I'm lax in posting the 2/14 content that's in my COMC 'to be posted' box, I might as well start digging in.
I'll lead off with an original Jacksonville Jaguar. Only because I'm incredibly immature.
Mike Zuga never reached the NFL, but he still got this card out of Winners in 1988. I can't find out what Winners was. A local card company? An Alabama store? Either way, he debuts in the binder.
Jim Kelly stars the rest of the way home with this variety of cards. It is just my usual method of looking at the lowest priced cards of a particular player at COMC, finding what I need and then adding a bunch of them to the cart. Easy! After all, as a Bills fan, I really couldn't let Steve McNair take the numbers game in the collection.
Let's throw some numbered cards in for good measure! These 12 items make it 95 Jim Kelly appearances in the collection, tied with McNair for the football lead.

Hockey 2/14s next time.