Wednesday, 4 July 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 25.2 - Short Trip Repack Posts

And the other side:
It isn't as great as the Bob Gibson, but a Pro Debut cards is also a pretty unique card to be visible at the front of a repack.
There's nothing too interesting to make an appearance in the first grouping, so I guess the second minor league card to come from this portion wins this one.
A solid grouping. Upper Deck minors makes a second appearance, along with the first year of the Marlins and Bowman Heritage. Plus a Jays card and more Heritage! WOO-HOO!
Even more minor league fun.  And that's likely my first Pinnacle Performers card.
And there's a great photo to boot, naturally from the 1993 Upper Deck portion.
And the end. I'd probably have enjoyed that obscure Bosio card (from something called 1995 Pacific Mariners Memories) more if he hadn't made the news this past week. Still, it ended with some more Heritage and some Archives as the final card. So all is well.

A perfect use of $3!

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