Friday, 27 July 2018

A Flock of Jays

More COMC stuff, and some Jays content in this.
I'll start with a card of a guy who I'd forgotten made a brief stop in Toronto at the end of his career.  I came across a roster themed card with his name on it and had my "oh yeah..." moment. This does seem to be the only card where he's pictured with Toronto. So welcome to the collection Brian!
Lance Painter also made an appearance on one of those Showdown cards, and that seemed to be his only Jays card as well. That card was on my Top 10 list for a bit, then I noticed this team-issued card. It was cheaper, so this was the Lance Painter card for my Jays collection.
Rico Carty has cards from the 70s in my collection. But here's a card from 2001 and Upper Deck decades.
And remember, when Rico Carty tells you to buckle your seat belts, you buckle them.
If I'm going to get a card commemorating Edwin's wild-card walk-off, why not the blue variation?
And a few random additions to my player collection. I have way, way too few Topps Kids cards in my collections.
With card backs like that, I really need to add more of these.


  1. That Pirates-Red Sox cartoon is glorious. Is that Rico Carty psa on the back of a card or a magazine?

    1. I believe it originated in the Blue Jays program, from the time when Ontario became the first province to mandate seat belt usage.