Thursday, 5 July 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 25.3

Here's the content:
All cardboard this time.
I have to highlight something from 1990 Pro Set, Gordie Howe in Whalers colours is an easy decision.
I hope to bat .500 when it comes for mask binder cards in one of the goalie packs, and that worked out this time, with the Bester being a dupe and the Melanson being unpainted. Too bad Kidd wasn't the fire-breathing one, though.
I'm surprised the 2010s pack wasn't entirely UD flagship base, so I'll take one of the always interesting Pinnacle base cards from 2011 instead.
Not one, but two junk wax HOFers in that portion of the pack. Normally, 2/14 baby Dave Lowry would be the highlight, but that's a dupe, so the 4th and final card, the Jake Allen, that wins this pack based on it being a set need.

And there you go. I'll be back in town by the time this posts, so maybe I can get caught up on some trade package(s) next.

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