Saturday, 21 July 2018

Mailbag: Too Many Verlanders/Manninghams: Part 1

Another mailer from Dennis filled with goodies, and diverse enough that I should spread this over two posts. Today, all the 2/14 newness.
Unlike most of the packages I send stateside, hockey was the sparsest part of this envelope's newness. Those are two very red swatches, though. Sadly, I've got a second of those Haydens sitting in my COMC 'to be posted' box, so that one will just be forwarded on to a collector of 2*3 Heroes.
The QB portion of the 2/14 collection got the most additions with these 9. The unidentifiable black card is one of those Motionvision cards, and those are always an iffy scan.
The reverse is somewhat better, but it does look much nicer in hand.
The QB parade ends with the only football hit of the envelope - this McNair swatch. That's my 95th card of his, and he'll maintain a 12-card lead over Jim Kelly until I catch-up with the aforementioned to-be-posted box.
There was some non-QB love in the envelope as well. Excepting the blue parallel from Optic, I was surprised that I didn't already have any of these.
Some 1/1 plates are always a great way to add to the collection as well. That Clowney comes from this year's Score release, while Absolute 2017 and 2014 provide the others.

Thanks for these new additions to that collection, putting my collection at 1939 total cards so far. And there's more to come tomorrow as I cover some set completers and other miscellany.

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