Wednesday, 25 July 2018

2/14 Hockey

Let's take another chunk out of the "to be posted" box.
Here's a vintage start for this post, and my 6th appearance of Charlie Burns in the collection. All of my cards of his date to his time with the North Stars, but I really should add one of him from his Bruins days, especially since they feature his trademark helmet. Perhaps a future addition to the "less reasonable" wantlist?
I love cityscape cards, so I'm somewhat surprised it took me this long to add this Hejduk insert card.
Combining my Senators collection and my 2/14 collection? Nice.
And here's #2 for that. I'm just a Black Back retro away from completing this rainbow. That's probably card #2 for my "less reasonable" wantlist.
More e-pack cheapness!
With a throwback jersey on the reverse, how could I pass on an opportunity to show it off?
Marian Gaborik will end up the big winner in this COMC mailing, with these 4 cards equaling the Ehlers content.
And he moves into the lead with this double relic. SPX in epack form is 1 card for $30. I paid about $1.25 for this. Ouch for the seller.
It's joined by the second hit of Gaborik in this post, and my second overall autograph of his. Like with SPX, this was an e-pack card, and that likely also made this cheaper than it should have been. Overall, this puts the Gaborik total at 174, 11 behind Milan Hejduk for the overall lead.

And there you have it. Some miscellaneous cards tomorrow to wrap up this 2/14 update.

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