Saturday, 28 July 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 27.1 - Wally World

It was time again to stock up on Fritos and Diet Pepsi, so why not get some repacks to go with it? I picked up one baseball and one hockey repack, both types I'd busted previously.

The baseball was one of those Championship Collection boxes, which had 15 packs (which were the standard 5 Triple Play, 2 Honus Bonus, 1 2015 Stars and Stripes, 1 2015 Select, 3 2014 Prizm, 2 2017 Topps S1, 2016 Topps S1) and a Leaf Ohtani card. I'm not going to scan everything, but will hit my highlights.
Here's the Ohtani. This will probably be in the hands of an Angels collector at some point.
Jays content! And yes, the Donaldson counts. My binder(s). My rules.
Mets content! The Cespedes might be my first HB card of a Met, but I'm really too lazy to confirm it.
I was kinda amused to pull a Stars & Stripes insert of Jamieson Taillon, especially since he already had Team Canada cards in the WBC Tribute set.
The rest of the inserts.
As for the rest of the best, this one was easily my favourite. You really didn't need to have logos on the card when a B&W Eddie Murray photo makes him look like he's going to rush the stands and make some heckler eat his wristbands.
Honourable mention to Denard Span disappearing in the Ivy.
And finally, there was a hit in the Select box alongside that NCAA-era Josh Donaldson. Nice and pinstripey as well!

There you have it! Hockey up next!