Thursday, 26 January 2023

Mailbag: And Worthy of a One-card Post

 The first big mailbag of the year has shown up, and as expected from a mailer from Dennis @ Too Many Verlanders, it was an all-over the place mailer. I was warned that I might have to pay customs fees on this, as there was a card in there that put things a little higher than a usual one.

And I'm guessing this one was the one:

A game-used nameplate letter? Yup, that's definitely going to be one of the more unique items in the ol' Alfie binder. This is listed as 10/10, but since that's the only N in his name, I feel fairly safe calling this one a 1/1. This is the only my second game-worn nameplate card in the collection, joining a Genuine Letters of Patrice Bergeron that I pulled from 12-13 Prime. 

He might not be photographically featured on the front, but he is on the back!

Aside from some of the autos in the binders this quickly has entered the top tier of Alfie cards! 

Thanks for this beauty, and there are certainly more to come! 

Wednesday, 25 January 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 3 - Hanging Packs


Repacked packs! There were several options available, but I had to go for the one with Topps UK as the visible pack for the obscurity factor.

I wasn't expecting anything other than base cards in that pack, so I guess I can't claim to be disappointed. It was just a coincidence that the great Tyler Stephenson "bubble" card ended up in the center spot. A diving catch, cardboard fans, and outfield ivy make this a solid photographic pack at least. That Corey Seager is already set aside for a future mailer to Watertown. 

And the A&G pack. Typical Ginter, with only one of the cards featuring an active MLBer. I'd be really happy to have received that Carter card in this, only I had a second copy waiting to be shown off in my "COMC To-Be-Posted" box. OOPS! But that means one of them can be mailed out to a Jays fan in another future outgoing mail. 

But at least each pack had some interesting stuff in it, and that's all I ask for!

There you have it!

Monday, 23 January 2023

Fortunate Son


As in, fortunate that his parents signed him up for baseball and not football. 

Sunday, 22 January 2023

Dare I Tempt Fate Again?

Posting a Bills card on playoff game day almost didn't work out last week. But it looks like I am stupid enough to do it again this week.

But there is a reason for this:

Players posing with their new jersey at the draft > Training camp/Rookie Premiere photos.

Friday, 20 January 2023

Worth the Wait?

 This might not really be a Raptors card, but for the sake of my binders - this is a Raptors card. 

Sure, they've never worn mustard yellow, but at least the auto is on-card.

Wednesday, 18 January 2023

Tuesday, 17 January 2023

They Keep Getting Younger

 I guess when you have a collection based around birthdays, the person who holds the position of being the youngest in the collection will constantly change. As long as cards of actual children don't come out, that position will probably be filled by somebody with a Canadian Hockey League card. 

That position was previously held Tommy Budnick, and with this card, he is tied with a second player born in 2004. Here's a CHL card of Nolan Lalonde. And since he is debuting in my collection, let's debut him in style with an Exclusives parallel. He wasn't drafted in the most recent draft, but it does appear that he signed with Columbus. So, there's still hope for some NHL cards.

As for Colby Barlow, he seems far more likely to be making future appearances. He's eligible in the next entry draft, and several mock drafts have him going around the 11th overall position. So, this might actually result in somebody with a lot of cards to collect in the near future, especially considering how UD tends to put rookies in every imaginable release.

He's also born in 2005, and that makes him the youngest member of the 2/14 collection.  

I'm not sure who the oldest member of the collection would be, but I'd guess Frederick Douglass until I can do a more detailed look.

There you have it!

Monday, 16 January 2023

Sunday, 15 January 2023



Sure, the Jacksonville comeback last evening was shocking. But the Bills still hold the playoff record, and didn't have to start their comeback during the second quarter. 

While it usually ends up being Andre Reed that gets the nod on cards that salute that game, since he is a HOFer and all, it is nice to see Frank Reich make an appearance on one. I didn't even notice that this was actually a /99 silver parallel when I added it to my cart, and admit I didn't even notice it until I was uploading these scans.

I'm probably tempting fate by uploading these on the morning of the Bills playoff game.  

Friday, 13 January 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 2.3 - A Week of Surprises

 Hockey for the finale!

Looks like I get supplies as part of this one. But since I had a COMC shipment arrive and need to repackage stuff for future mailouts, that's OK.

As expected, the 70s/80s was all 80s. But I did get a pushpin 1988, and that Kevin Lowe was probably one of the more action-packed base cards of that set, if not the decade.
The HOF pack gave me an insert with that Fuhr, and a patriotic entry for Mike Gartner, so there's also something interesting to go alongside the solid names of this repack.
I guess all three of these count as Superstars. That's all I ask for from one of these. Rantanen is the second non-base card in this, it is the green parallel out of 2018 Ice. I'd still give up the parallels for these cards just to be acetate base cards again.

The 90s pack. Except for that Moog card, that's what I expected from this - lots of early 90s stuff. Still, coming off the most recent edition of the World Juniors, that is a nice looking Brisebois. 

Definitely not the most exciting one I've ever busted, but if I get a couple keepers, I'm happy. 

There you have it!