Sunday, 15 July 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 26.2 - Time to Catch Up Again

8 more packs!
And these are 6 packs!
Two gold cards in the 2013 Score pack, but sadly for me both were dupes for my "I've got a bunch of cards from it, but I'm not really building this parallel set" set.
No Young Gun in the 13-14 UD pack, but I did get Alex Tanguay looking like a serial killer. So there's that.
It is only 4 cards, so I'll just show all the cards out of the Platinum pack. Interestingly, the base cards are significantly bowed, but the retro card of Duncan Keith wasn't. Card technology rules!
Just base cards in the MVP pack, One of them was my 168th Gaborik for the 2/14 collection.
Another PC hit in the Artifacts pack, with this Kadri on its way into my Kitchener Rangers alum collection.
And the other hit of the repack box is a Stamkos swatch. The pack odds list Piece de Resistance relics as 1:80, so that's some solid odds to get a hit.
The highlights of the two Parkhurst packs: A Senator, an Ovechkin insert and some Cal Clutterbuck. Just about right for a repack.
As before, no Young Guns card in this UD pack, but this is one of the better OPC update cards to land, even though he was a season away from real Marquee Rookie status at this point.

And there you have it! That's a pretty healthy repack box in terms of content. More repack fun next post.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 26.1 - Time to Catch Up Again

After getting caught up with my incoming mail (just for another one to arrive on Friday), I guess it is time to get caught up on some repack acquisitions over the past week(s). I'll go in reverse order of cost.
The means I'm starting with one of these 16 pack repacks from Wally World. I'd rather show than tell, so chronologically, here are the first 8 packs.
And these are they. I'm surprised to find the Be A Player pack in there, as that contains a guaranteed autograph. 4 '12 Score packs sounds about right though.
The non-auto'ed base cards in the pack. That's definitely a bunch of familiar names to mid 90's hockey fans in this bunch. And it is one of these that also got the autograph.
And here's the auto. Not too bad, as Green had a long playing career. At least it is better than an auto of some random rookie who played a single game.
In comparison, the MVP pack had a good percentage of guys that I barely or didn't remember.
But I definitely remember Mats Sundin, seen here on a Stanley Cup Talent insert.
I also remember Milan Hejduk, for whom this card is my 184th card of his in the 2/14 collection.
Only 6 cards in the OPC pack, so it is easy to scan all of them. Not too bad overall, with a Brodeur, a Bruins, a shiny insert and a good player for the Retro parallel.
My fave base card in the UD pack was this Jody Shelley. That's because the positioning makes Curtis McElhinney look about 8 feet tall, or makes Jody look about 5 feet tall. The back of the card lists him at 6'4, so that's the former.
At least the Victory Update was another Bruins card.
I won't scan everything from the Score packs, but here are the 4 gold parallels. That Ovechkin might be one of the least flattering photos ever used for a major star on a base card. I thought that maybe he refused to sign for Panini, but there were definitely a lot of autos available.
And the inserts. I really can't complain if one of them features a very unique photo from one of the outdoor games.

There you have it! 8 more packs next time, including a second hit!

Friday, 13 July 2018

Just One Pack/Box

I had a little bit of credit left over after the Stadium Club boxes. I decided to try this one pack box of 2016 Signatures. 4 autos? Let's see what those are!
3 autos. A relic. And points. Oh well. Forsett has since retired, Hogan is now in Washington after a pair of seasons with Cleveland, and Matthews is still with the Titans. As for the 400 points, what are some 400 point autographs I can get?

I'll leave football behind for my pick:
An ABA autograph? Cool.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

An owlish envelope

Time to wrap up the recent envelope barrage with an envelope from Night Owl. Lots of PCs hit in this one.
There was only one Expos item in the envelope, and it was an interesting one. While this appears to be a single card of Mike Fitzgerald, this is more of a pamphlet, and it folds out to show off 5 more pages, with one on each side.
Jason Thompson was easily the most obscure Expo in the group of 10, having wrapped up his career with a handful of games with the Expos. He did get a couple cards out of the deal, with 1986 Fleer Update being the most mainstream.
Here's the Jays one. There's also a Mets one that just joined my COMC inventory.
I never would have realized this was a short-print variation if the note SP wasn't attached to it. Using COMC as a guide, this a warm-up shirt variation. I'm not really up to looking for what other garments also got this treatment.
A Mets photo that is nice enough that it could conceivably be a short-print, but it is just a base card. Conforto did get a variation, but it was just a generic batting photo.
Bills! Bills! Bills!
Wrapping it up, here's a bunch of stuff from the 2017 WWE Women's Division release. I think I busted one rack pack of it, so I'm happy to add some more Bayley and some more Asuka to the collection.

And there you have it!

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

One Card Only: Who Needs Certification?

My original plans for today were to cover an envelope that Night Owl sent my way. But, that would require scanning a bunch of stuff, and I really wasn't up for that today. This was already scanned, though, so it's perfect to show off. Sure, this isn't a certified autograph, but it is a Mets autograph. And who would forge a Jeromy Burnitz auto just to sell for $2?

I think I'm safe.

Monday, 9 July 2018

Toronto Group Break Goodies

Back to the ol' mailbag today and some group break stuff from the two Toronto teams I root for - the Raptors and Blue Jays.
Here's the base design. Shiny, and I like the contrasting black & white/colour photos combined on the front. Sadly, it only really pops when they're wearing the red uniforms like on OG's card.
Excepting the Norman Powell, I also landed almost a complete set of the red parallels.
One insert.
Two inserts. That is a facsimile autograph on the License to Dominate, but these still count as case hits. So, while I didn't land an actual hit in this, I did land something relatively close.

Off to baseball, and a mixer of various products.
I'll go through this in relative chronological order, and start with some 2016 Bowman's Best. Only a pair of Joey Bats cards in this, but one was a nice shiny refractor. And yes, I did pick up the Topps Now card of his return to Toronto. Mainly because I thought that could be his only Mets card, since nothing is certain with Update. Then he got another Now card days later.
A nice selection of last year's Stadium Club, which like any year's release I can't really get enough of.
ThjA couple cards out of the rather odd Chronicles set, which was sorta like Rookie Anthology in terms of a base set, and a bunch of kinda Update-ish cards from various sets along with other unreleased Panini product lines. Spectra baseball?
The only hit in this post was an auto, with Anthony Alford experiencing some level of sticker woe.
2018 Bowman! Which I've busted a grand total of nothing of, but still have picked up a few cards through breaks and trades. A trio of Vlads? Yes!
And let's throw some parallels in with this. A shimmery parallel in Blue Jays blue is up first, with this one being 47/125.
While red isn't as important a colour in the Jays uniform, it is still there. This beauty is numbered to an ebay 1/1ish 5/5. Nice, but I'd put the odds at 50/50 that it ends up in my COMC sales account at some point. Since a blue Jays card is still nicer than a red. Unless they photoshopped one of the Canada Day jerseys onto Zeuch.

There you go. Assuming the mailman doesn't drop anything off in the near future, only one more envelope and I'm caught up! Yay!

Saturday, 7 July 2018

The Condition was not Time Sensitive

Thankfully, as I've been lax on posting this package that arrived from the land where green is the colour, and football is the game - Saskatchewan and Condition Sensitive.
A random Expos to start off this post? Why not? Bruce Chen may have only played 15 games out of the many stops in his career for the Expos, but he still got a few cards out of this. And here's a rather chilly looking one.
And a random Mets card as well.
Diamond Kings might be the one set from Panini where I really don't really notice the lack of licensing.
Some Raptors out of 16-17 Threads. The die-cut jersey cards that have made appearances in several sets might be the best idea for a card that doesn't include a photo of the player.
Let's end it with an autograph. Logan Verrett. He's now playing in Korea, but I didn't have an autograph of his prior to the envelope showing up, so I'm still happy to welcome it to my Mets hit binder.

Thanks for the cards. I'll keep putting aside Kings, Bruins, Redskins and Rockies I come across for future mailings!

Thursday, 5 July 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 25.3

Here's the content:
All cardboard this time.
I have to highlight something from 1990 Pro Set, Gordie Howe in Whalers colours is an easy decision.
I hope to bat .500 when it comes for mask binder cards in one of the goalie packs, and that worked out this time, with the Bester being a dupe and the Melanson being unpainted. Too bad Kidd wasn't the fire-breathing one, though.
I'm surprised the 2010s pack wasn't entirely UD flagship base, so I'll take one of the always interesting Pinnacle base cards from 2011 instead.
Not one, but two junk wax HOFers in that portion of the pack. Normally, 2/14 baby Dave Lowry would be the highlight, but that's a dupe, so the 4th and final card, the Jake Allen, that wins this pack based on it being a set need.

And there you go. I'll be back in town by the time this posts, so maybe I can get caught up on some trade package(s) next.