Wednesday, 12 May 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 16 - A New Source


I've got a new source for repack acquisitions. In addition to the Dollarama, Presstine repacks have surfaced at 7-11s in town. They only seem to have hockey in terms of sports cards, but maybe others will show up in the future. After seeing them at the store, I grabbed one of these surprise bags, and a couple 20+1 hit repacks. These are the same that are available through Presstine's site.

These tend to have more card content than the Dollarama ones. And these are what this one held. The MVP pack looked to be the same that would appear in blaster boxes. Clockwise from the upper left, as I usually do.
4 base cards, and a puzzle back parallel in the MVP pack. There's 1/9th of a Claude Giroux on the back of the Markstrom. Those are 1:8 for blaster packs. So, yay??...
While I usually do scan all the cards in these, I couldn't it be arsed to do so for the 90s pack. Lots of 1990 Bowman, 1991 Score and 1991 Pro Set. This was the only one that interested me in this, and that is because of the bad vertical centering, so that's what I opted to scan. 
Here's the pack that promised 3 superstars. Yzerman? Certainly. Taylor Hall? Probably. Nylander? Maybe not quite yet. But that 2 for 3 is still a pretty good average.
The misc. 12 card pack was at least interesting enough to warrant scanning everything. That's a pretty sweet Portland Pirates minor league card for the Allison. While the Sweeney/Pellerin dual is a hometown pride card, it is more of a home province pride card for the pair of New Brunswickers. 

That SPX card sure puts the centering issues back on that James Patrick into perspective for comparison's sake. Unless it is supposed to be a double-image, can't-read-the-name parallel. Then WOO-HOO! An ebay 1/1! 
And your final pack, the 2000s one. On the whole, probably the best of the ones in here, with that Fedorov being a really nice insert from Pacific's Quest for the Cup. I couldn't have told you on a bet that Scott Young was still in the league in the early-mid 2000s to get a card in 2002, let alone still get them in 2005 after the lost season. And finally, that Mike Richter is such a great card for the mask binder, with his famous design front-and-center on that horizontal entry.

Not bad as a pick-up instead of a hobby pack for a similar price. Either way, the odds would be long I'd get my money back, but at least these are interesting. 

Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Just One of those Days

 One of those days where you just gotta post a hologram sticker featuring Thurman Thomas and Marc Antony. 

Complete with the latter hiding the ball behind him like it was Pussy Foot.

Monday, 10 May 2021


I decided to try a hobby box worth of Series 2 at Upper Deck's epack site, with a goal of trying to finish off the OPC Update set, through the box and through trading. And thanks to a dupe of a Young Gun and a Young Gun Canvas set, I was able to do so, while also turning a couple other inserts into a bunch of Hamilton Tiger-Cats parallels and a nice Kitchener Rangers insert.

This post has nothing to do with that, since those won't be arriving here until the late summer. I'm focusing on one of the new Young Guns SPs that joined the set.  I could have focused on the Sorokin rookie. The Romanov wasn't bad either. 

Based on the photo Darren is either a 25 year old minor leaguer, or a 55 year old shop teacher from White Plains.

And you could easily convince me that either was true. 

Saturday, 8 May 2021

Rookie Anthology by Any Other Name is...Chronicles?

 With Panini's disappearance from the hockey market, it marked the sad loss of my favourite product, Rookie Anthology. Throw a bunch of sets in a blender, and then put them out in one single release. Chronicles does come close, but it might need to have its base cards make more appearances per box to really get that vibe.

But that doesn't mean I won't try some Chronicles hockey. Only 2 cards, but there are only 2 potential subjects, Kaapo Kakko or Vitali Kravtsov. At least that makes a recap of the one pack easy!

If there are no base cards, I guess I can go right to showing off the hits. I watched a couple of breaks of these packs, and saw that there were cars of Kakko both with  Team Finland, and with New York. Since the former apparently had licensing with the Finnish National Team, and could have big bold logos on the card, I was hoping to land one of those, and here is one of 'em! The design is basically the same as the 2013-14 hockey RPAs, and it still holds up with a nice-sized signature, and an appropriately coloured patch.

Such a great logo shouldn't be limited to the front of the card.

Looks like this was two Kakko pack. While lower numbered than the Dominion card, and with a larger patch, it doesn't really come close aesthetically with the logo-less jersey. They keep the design from the true rookies in 2019 National Treasures releases. It is still a solid look, and my only real complaint is that I probably would have used Rangers blue for the borders instead of red.

And here's the back of the card. I showed one - might as well show both of 'em. Exactly what one would expect from a National Treasures card. 

There you have it!

Thursday, 6 May 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 15.5 - Cubism

2016 Donruss - Dwyane Wade - A solid start to the final portion. 
2015 Donruss - Rodney Stuckey - The Hickory uniforms aren't really a throwback, but more of an alternate. Still a nice card.
2016 Hoops - Enes Kanter
2015 Contenders Draft - Nerlens Noel
1991 UD - Alan Ogg - I gotta scan a card of a guy named Ogg.
1990 Fleer - Ed Pinckney
1994 Ultra - Henry Turner
1990 Hoops - Kevin Duckworth
1993 Hoops - Doug Overton
1995 Metal - Otis Thorpe
2003 Flair - Vladimir Radmanovic - Of course this is yet another should-be-numbered card.
2007 Topps - Emeka Okafor
2003 Focus - Latrell Sprewell - My 3rd of these Sprewell should-be-numbereds in this entire cube.
2004 Skybox - Luke Jackson
2016 Immaculate /99 - Andrew Wiggins - They did promise randomly inserted premium cards on the package. I guess this entry from a very high-end set counts. Perfect for my NBA CanCon binder.
2007 Topps - Mike Dunleavy
1997 UD - Cedric Ceballos
2004 Flair - Pau Gasol
1992 UD - Brian Williams
1993 Hoops - Mark Bryant
1990 Tar Heels - Matt Doherty
2009 Topps - Kurt Thomas - Backboard cam! Along with should-be-numbereds, another theme of this repack.
2002 UD - Bobby Jackson
1993 Topps - Avery Johnson
2008 Press Pass Legends Bronze /750 - Rolando Blackman - The should-be-numbereds are now tied with the actually numbered cards.
2012 Hoops - Rick Carlisle
2016 Complete - Festus Ezeli
2003 Rookie Matrix - Kendrick Perkins, Jerome Beasley, Ndudi Ebi
2003 Rookie Matrix - Boris Diaw, Dahntay Jones, Aleksandar Pavlovic - Should these perforated cards count as 2, or 6?
2010 Panini Threads - Team Threads Home - Deron Williams - Not the biggest name, but these die-cut cards are a nice, unique inserts.
2000 Heritage - Ruben Patterson - In any sport, bring on the Heritage!
2008 Topps - Richard Jefferson
1991 Skybox - Thurl Bailey
1993 Hoops - Doc Rivers
1995 Fleer - Doug West
1990 Hoops - Dana Barros
1992 Ultra - Ron Harper
1992 Hoops - Scott Brooks
1992 Fleer - Reggie Williams - More cityscape greatness.
1989 Hoops - Fred Roberts
1991 UD - Terry Teagle
1990 Fleer - James Donaldson
2017 Hoops - Brandan Wright
2017 Hoops - DeAndre' Bembry - It might not be a Raptors card, but the cube ends on a current member of the team. He's been a pleasant addition in this forgettable seasons, and will probably be back in 21-22. If that doesn't land him a Hoops card, I guess I'll have to use one of his NCAA entries. Where he also played for the Hawks (Saint Joseph's).

And that's 250 cards worth of repackness, give or take a card or three. Very solid, and quite a few keepers here with some nice photographs, some hits, some filler for future trades, and even a couple new Raptors for that PC. Better than a hobby box? I guess depending on the cards that came out from said box, maybe, but definitely more fun!

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 15.4 - Cubism

1993 Topps - Kevin Thompson - A player I had no memory of starts off the 4th group. He only spent one year in the NBA, but more than a dozen overseas.
1993 Hoops - Donald Hodge
1991 UD - Charles Jones
1989 Hoops - LaSalle Thompson - The fun thing about these older cards is coming across classic unis.
2017 Prizm - Emmanuel Mudiay
2017 Prizm - Cory Joseph
1991 Fleer - AC Green
1993 Hoops - Tim Perry
1993 UD - Sonics/Rockets Highlights
1990 Fleer - Fat Lever - Another classic! Cityscape jersey!
1991 UD - Larry Drew
1989 Hoops - Greg Anderson
1992 Hoops - Jaren Jackson
2009 Threads Century Proof Silver /249 - Gerald Wallace - An auto in the previous repack, and a numbered card here. If I was starting a Gerald Wallace PC, I'd be elated!
1995 Metal - Dennis Scott
1995 Fleer - Sharone Wright - Savour the garishness!
1990 Fleer - Mitchell Wiggins
1992 UD - Chris Dudley
2012 Momentum - Monumental Marks /49 - Jonas Jerebko - And my second auto of the repack! Jonas stayed in the NBA through the end of 18-19 season. He was the second Swede to reach the NBA (Miles Simon). Interesting enough of a hit.
2003 UD - Rasheed Wallace
2009 Topps - Al Jefferson - Backboard cam!
2003 UD Glass - Stephon Marbury
2007 Topps - Josh Howard - Even more backboard cam!
2012 Panini - Jimmer Fredette
2007 Topps - Shawn Marion - His ease in flying in for a dunk indicates the opposition ignored the ribbon's plea for DEFENSE.
2017 Contenders - Jabari Parker
2015 Prizm - Kosta Koufas
2013 Hoops - Gary Neal
2012 Totally Certified Red - Kenneth Faried - And a relic. Foily and not a plain white swatch. Good enough for me.
2016 Threads - Georgios Papagiannis
2016 Select - Monta Ellis
1993 Hoops - Donald Hodge
1990 Hoops - Charles Jones
1993 Fleer - John Paxson
1989 Fleer - Darrell Griffith
1991 Fleer - Don Nelson
1993 Topps - Scott Williams
1991 UD - Tony Campbell
1989 Hoops - Jimmy Rodgers
2004 Skybox Premium - Corey Maggette
2004 Skybox Premium - Paul Pierce - Simple base cards, but the design wouldn't look out of place on a higher-end release.
2004 Skybox Limited - Damien Wilkins - And here's yet another should-be-numbered card. This should be /499.
1989 Hoops - Danny Young
1989 Hoops - Xavier McDaniel
1991 UD - Dave Corzine
2017 Prizm - Bismack Biyombo
2017 Prizm - Michael Malone
2010 Prestige Light Blue /999 - Avery Bradley - Ending with yet another numbered card. 

Two hits, and two numbered parallels. That's better than the many hobby boxes!


Tuesday, 4 May 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 15.3 - Cubism

1994 Ultra - Henry Turner - The one-season stats on the back highlight his other NBA season, 4 seasons earlier, but also with Sacramento. He's still with Sacramento, as a broadcaster.
1993 Fleer - Kenny Gattison
1996 UD - Lorenzen Wright - Kind of a depressing card when you remember how things ended.
1995 Classic - Constantin Pope
1993 UD - Vin Baker
1993 Hoops - Dale Ellis
1991 UD - Rickey Green
2001 Genuine - Brandon Armstrong - This portion's "should be numbered and isn't" card. Should be /1000. Isn't.

2004 SPA - Kevin Garnett - Typical solid SPA design.
2003 Fleer Flair - Dale Davis - It is hard to see, but there's a second image in the large gold portion. Great design! At least in hand. And yes, this has the strip on the back that makes it seem like this should be a numbered card as well.
2000 Fleer Futures - Travis Best
2001 Chrome - Jahidi White - Random chromeness.
1989 Hoops - Kevin Gamble
1992 Hoops - Kenny Williams
1990 Fleer - Sam Perkins
1991 UD - Rex Chapman
1991 UD - Rex Chapman - Not only back-to-back cards of the same player, but from the same set. I could mark this off the team checklist already if I so desired.
1993 Hoops - Scottie Pippen
1990 Hoops - European Imports
2009 Threads - Rajan Rondo
2006 Topps - Chris Webber
2007 Fleer - Marcus Williams
1989 Hoops - John Shasky
1997 UD - Gary Trent - Raptors father content! Trent Jr has quickly become popular since arriving in the Norman Powell trade.
1989 Fleer - James Edwards
2004 Hoops - Brent Barry
2002 UD - Travis Best
2006 Fleer - James White
2003 Topps - Baron Davis - Backboard cam!
2014 Hoops - Danny Granger
2005 UD - Raul Lopez
2012 Panini - Ramon Sessions
2015 Prizm - Tony Wroten
2016 Optic - Joakim Noah
2016 Select - Kenneth Fareid
1990 Tar Heels - Warren Martin
1992 Ultra - Hoops
1997 Metal Universe - Dennis Scott - A little harder to see the background image here, but it is an oil refinery.
1992 UD - Brian Williams
1996 Hoops - Sean Elliott
1997 Skybox Premium - Nick Anderson
2008 Topps Signature /869 - Speedy Claxton - Speedy! And numbered too!
1996 Topps - Lawrence Moten - YVR content!
2004 Flair - Latrell Sprewell - Sprewell might be the MVP of this repack - at least in terms of numbers.
2006 SPX - Andrei Kirilenko
2007 Topps - Devin Harris
1991 UD - Moses Malone
1996 Hoops - Larry Johnson
1993 Hoops - Otis Thorpe
1993 Hoops - Toni Kukoc
1990 Hoops - Harvey Grant
1990 Fleer - Ed Pinckney
2017 Hoops - Dion Waiters
2016 Donruss - Tony Parker
2016 Threads - Cory Joseph - A good repack for '16 Threads Raptors. 

2016 Optic - Chandler Parsons - And there's another grouping.