Sunday 31 March 2019

2019 Adventures in Repacks - Part 12.2 - Straight from the Source

The other 50!
1995 Fleer - Robert Pack - Starting off with a very, very pink entry in the 1995 Fleer design.
1997 Topps - Chris Childs
1991 Fleer - Dick Motta - Coach content in the second half as well.
1992 UD - Mark Price
1999 HoloGrFX - Hakeem Olajuwan - Let's show off some gaudy HologrFX cards in this portion as well.
1997 Ultra - Michael Finley
2014 Prizm - Phil Jackson - Full porn-stache mode!
1998 Skybox Premium - Adam Keefe
2007 Co-Signers - Kevin Garnett - Celtics content.
1990 Fleer - Mike Gminski
1992 Archives - Derrick Coleman
1989 Fleer - Johnny Newman - This was the oldest card in the repack.
1999 Hoops - Wally Szczerbiak
1995 Hoops - Craig Ehlo/Jerome Harmon - Another one of these pipeline cards. This was the closest Harmon would get to any NBA card.
1999 Hoops - Randell Jackson
1995 Fleer - Popeye Jones - We really don't need Popeye Jones close-ups.
2012 Leaf - Nihad Djedovic
2015 Prestige - Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
1994 UD - Scottie Pippen
1998 Topps - Dale Ellis
1995 Fleer - Bobby Phills - More 1995 Fleer!
1999 Hoops - Korleone Young - Chances I'm not scanning a card of a guy named Korleone? Nil.
2000 Finest - Vladimir Stepania
1990 Hoops - Antoine Carr
1992 Fleer - Darryl Dawkins
1995 Hoops - Anthony Mason/Chucky Brown - The final of these 'pipeline' cards.
1992 UD - Sarunas Marciulionis
1993 UD - Lloyd Daniels - The only dupe among the 100.
1992 Fleer - Ron Rothstein - Another coach appearance.
1990 Skybox - Lionel Simmons
1990 Fleer - Dan Majerle
1997 Ultra - Chuck Person
2016 Prizm - Ben Bentil - He's a Celtic here, but a zero-year one, as he never played a regular season game for them. I think this is a summer league photo.
1997 Ultra - Bobby Phills
1990 Hoops - Delaney Rudd
1996 Fleer - Grant Long - I love these Hawks uniforms. The hawk's wingspan makes a player's wingspan seem more intimidating.
1997 Ultra - Danny Ferry
1993 Skybox - Charles Barkley - I thought that this card looks like it could be a poster shrunk down to 2*3, and it turns out, it was.
1993 Hoops - Sidney Lowe - Coach #3.
1991 Fleer - Magic Johnson
1990 Skybox - Dick Motta - And #4, for a total of 7 coach cards in the pack.
1995 Fleer - Dale Ellis - More pink!
1999 HoloGrFX - Grant Hill
1995 Topps - Rod Strickland
1997 Topps - Johnny Taylor - "Hey guys! I'm not going to look goofy on this rookie card, am I?"
1990 Fleer - Will Perdue
1999 HoloGrFX - Nick Van Exel - The 5th and final appearance of these rather loud cards.
1992 Topps - Patrick Ewing
1997 Metal Universe - Travis Best - AAAA! I'm in another dimension!
2014 Prizm - Javale McGee - And done.

That was a lot of fun. As I said, I expected a lot of 1990s stuff in there, but there really wasn't too much. I'm not giving it too detailed a look beyond a quick scan-through, but the most common set to appear was 1997 Ultra, with 10 of the 100 cards coming from there. And you had a lot of 1995 Fleer and its memorable (for whatever reason) look.

I'll wrap up this SftS series with some hockey, and start over the next week.

Saturday 30 March 2019

2019 Adventures in Repacks - Part 12.1 - Straight from the Source

This was another one of these repacks that I ordered directly. Just 100 cards this time, along with a hit.
The hit was the top card in the repack, so I'll start off with that. The promised memorabilia card came with an autograph. Marshall Plumlee was the third of the brothers to see NBA action, but seems to be out of the league already.

1998 Skybox Premium - Antonio Davis
1999 HoloGrFX - Bison Dele - There were a surprising number of HoloGrFX cards in this.
1997 Ultra - Brian Williams - Back to back cards of the same player, but with a different name. Repack awesomeness!
1992 UD - Larry Nance
1995 UD - Willow Bay - A card of Willow Bay. Because why not?
1995 Hoops - NBA/CBA Pipeline - Mario Elie/George McCloud - An interesting concept combining NBA and CBA players on the same card, although I wouldn't mind some text giving a connection between the two.
1999 Hoops - Baron Davis
1992 UD - Tom Gugliotta
2015 Donruss - Brandon Dawson - This is as close as I'd get to Raptors content in this. The Raptors are the opponent in this preseason game in Vancouver.
1990 Fleer - Robert Hansen
1992 Ultra - Greg Dreiling
1992 UD - Negele Knight
1997 Ultra - Terry Mills - There were also a surprising # of '97 Ultras in this. In terms of appearances of a set, they lead the way with 10 cards.
1990 Fleer - Rex Chapman
1997 Ultra - John Thomas - No Raptors content, but there were Celtics.
1991 Fleer - Kevin Loughery - A lot of coach cards as well as I went through this.
1995 Classic - Lorenzo Orr
1999 HoloGrFX - Jerry Stackhouse - Another loud card!
1997 Topps - Jeff Hornacek
1999 Finest - Bryant Stith
1997 Topps - Joe Dumars
2005 Topps - Wayne Simien
1995 Choice - David Robinson
1994 Choice - Luther Wright
1991 Fleer - Bob Hill - Coach #2
2017 Hoops - Dragan Bender
1997 Ultra - Scott Burrell
1999 Tradition - Jason Kidd
1998 Skybox Premium - Lawrence Funderburke - Chances I'm not scanning a card of a guy named Funderburke? Nil.
1997 Ultra - Bob Sura - Wow. The Cavs unis in this era were hideous.
1990 Fleer - Charles Oakley
1999 Skybox Premium - Steve Nash - Cancon!
1997 Ultra - Brian Shaw
1993 UD - Lloyd Daniels
1990 Hoops - Matt Guokas - #3.
2016 Threads - Earl Monroe - A cool insert card.
1995 Fleer - Mark Price - Were 1995 Fleer basketball as garish as their baseball counterparts? Yes! Ugly as the Cavs unis? Not a chance.
1999 Skybox - Bryant Stith
1999 Finest - Cherokee Parks - Despite not getting a Raptors card, I did get one of their short-lived cousins.
1999 Finest - Gary Payton/Vin Baker
1995 Fleer - Loy Vaught - And did the design change as the division did with Fleer? Of course!
1999 Finest - Hakeem Olajuwon
1993 UD - Hersey Hawkins
1992 Fleer - Robert Parish - Another Celtics card.
1999 Skybox - Eddie Jones
1995 Fleer - Lucious Harris - Enjoy yet another '95 Fleer design. At least you get a guy named Lucious this time.
1992 Topps Gold - Scott Skiles
1995 Fleer - Dale Davis - I'm scanning all of these. Because you should experience 1995 Fleer as well.
1995 Topps - Sherman Douglas - Another Celtics card.

2005 Bowman - Josh Childress - Thus wrapping up the first half.

I was expecting a lot of early 90s Hoops in this as opposed to a lot of late 90s mid-level stuff, so this has been a pleasant surprise so far.

50 more cards to wrap this up with the next post!

Thursday 28 March 2019

Mailbag: Baseball Card Breakdown

Last night, Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown recapped the cards that I sent his way. It seems appropriate to follow up with some of the goodies sent my way.
One of the big things was putting the final touches on my 2018 Archives base set. While there were a couple costly rookies in the mix, this was my favourite of the bunch. George Kell is not an expected inclusion as a base card in a 2018 release.
Random Seaver!
Random Wright!
Now, onto the main events of the mailbag. If you've been reading BCB for a bit, you'll know that Gavin likes Topps Retired. So, here's a Blue Jays card for this. I really like this Dave Stieb photo since it is a rare one where he's clean shaven.
And the big one! Zack Wheeler is the #3 man in the Mets pitching rotation at this time, and that's not really a slight considering who is in the #1 and #2 slots. This is numbered /10, and is the ebay 1/1 version at 10/10. The relic is only one colour, but it is a patch which one will notice if they examine it.

There you have it! Another mailbag post. I'll probably return to the "source" repack(s) with my next post.