Friday 15 March 2019

Mets Miscellany

I'm staying with the mailbag theme of the past few days, but this time I'm raiding my COMC to-be-posted box. I actually may have posted this one before, but this does seem like the perfect card to post with St. Patrick's Day coming up. As to why I'm not waiting two days to post this - I've got an even better card lined up for that date.
Bobby Bonilla is still doing this. Sitting on his arse and getting paid by the Mets.
I've busted a lot of 2018 Chronicles, and had the Mets in a group case break. This might be the only Amed Rosario base card I didn't manage to land. But then I realized this was a retail exclusive, and added it to my inventory.
This isn't a COMC card. I just used my mailbox there to have it shipped to me for less of a wallet hit than getting shipped directly to me. Wright's swan song was saluted with the expected Topps Now card, and as a super collector of his I needed to add this one to the PC. A perfect card for a swan-song.
And the back of the card as well. Since that's pretty nice as well.

There you have it!

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