Saturday 16 March 2019

Saturday Sampler

I've got a trio of packs to show off today. The first two are from the LCS, while the latter was marked down at Wally World.
Baseball stands alone in this threesome, so here are those. There were problems set wide for cards having dinged corners coming out of the pack, and those are visible on the Bregman and DeGrom. Dinged corners or not, that's still a nice Mets card for that PC, with it joined by David Wright's (regular) cardboard finale. The star-spangled parallel has a matte finish to it.
And here's the back of the card. I like that Wright had his final season stats, abbreviated as they were, on his.
No hits out of the Select, but a coupe of parallels. I didn't know this until he showed up at a game in Toronto wearing his jersey, but DeAndre Jordan's brother plays for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. The Thomas parallel is /249, and will likely be one of only a handful where he's pictured with Denver. I'm really surprised he's only played on 6 teams so far.
The Select backs.
My favourite basketball card may have come from the Excalibur as the first card out. Even though that might be the only photo Panini has of him on the Sonics, it still features a classic uniform.
I won't scan everything in the pack, but here's a sample of the base cards. Some nice photos, some nice legends. A good mix.
To end this post, my two promised Camo Crusades. Pinstriped Shaq? Yes, please!

There you have it!


  1. Donruss baseball looks good, I'm going to pick some up myself. Also, not much of a basketball collector but that Lenny Wilkens card is very nice.

  2. not sure if I like Donruss this year but it's an improvement on 2018.