Monday 25 March 2019

2019 Adventures in Repacks - Part 11.5 - Straight from the Source

The last of the football cards that fall under the SftS umbrella is this:
This is a hits-only repack that they offer, containing 5 cards, 4 relics and an auto. What bonuses awaited?
The relics start this off, and it is always good to start with a player I've heard of.
I remember Byron Leftwich as the Jaguars QB of the 00's that wasn't born on 2/14. The first of the three that were numbered parallels, with this being an infinite parallel. Shouldn't an infinite parallel be anything but a numbered card?
Here's a pair of photo shoot relics, with the Hill being /149.
More photo shoot relics on the final card, but they are joined by an autograph! And it is a Buffalo Bills card as well. That's definitely the best bonus of all! While Easley didn't get too many cards from his time in Buffalo, he spent 6 years with the team. And while the auto is just a little beyond the initials only standard, the jersey # is a nice inclusion.

Bonus cards is bonus cards, and I really liked the Easley and Leftwich hits. And not a plain white swatch in the group.

There you have it! I'll dig into the hockey and basketball cubes as well over the next while.


  1. This is a cool repack. How much do these cost? Do they have a baseball version?

  2. Yes, there is a baseball version