Monday 4 March 2019

2019 Adventures in Repacks - Part 8 - Another New Repack

While I wait for the Heritage boxes to arrive...
Here's a new type of repack from Wally World!
These were the packs contained within.
The mystery card was not the pictured Sakic patch/auto, but one of those Beckett giveaway cards. It was stored in a magnetic, which I liberated it from and used it as storage for a recent pull.
Since I've likely showed off base cards from these sets dozens of times, I'll just hit the inserts and parallels. Such as these. Both are needs for my "I've busted so much of this stuff, I might as well at least put all the gold parallels in one spot" set.
It wasn't a young gun, but this is still a really good rookie card to pull from the older of the UD packs.
An insert was also the highlight of the more recent UD pack. And it is a Kitchener Rangers alum! Nice!

And there you have it! Bring on the Heritage boxes!

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