Tuesday 31 March 2020

2006-07 Parkhurst Box Break - Part 3 of 4

Here comes some more legends!

Pack 13:
That knocks all my Jim Peplinski needs off the list.

Pack 14:
I'm torn on that Melrose card. While he's probably better known for his coaching than his playing, I would have rather seen him in a uniform. The Robinson will end up in my Rangers alum binder, and I liked the announcer card of McFarlane so much that the auto'ed parallel found itself in my COMC inventory.

Pack 15:
The Ducks appearance of Stu Grimson is one of only a couple appearances of 90s expansion teams in this set. There's also Doug Wilson on the Sharks. I tried to think of someone who would fit the theme of the set for the Senators or Florida team, and only could think of Brian Bradley for Tampa and Scott Mellanby for Florida, with nobody for Ottawa.

Pack 16:
There's auto #3, and it is the first HOFer! WOO-HOO!

Pack 17:

Pack 18:
Mike Liut's look is proof you don't need a paint job on your face mask to be intimidating with the mask on. There's a couple names you really didn't see much of in post-career releases with JP Kelly and Rogers, which is another reason that even busting a single pack of this can be fun.

And there you have it! One more auto among the remaining six packs.

Monday 30 March 2020

2006-07 Parkhurst Box Break - Part 2 of 4

Another 36 cards coming your way!

Pack 7:
Getting a Don Cherry and a Cam Neely card together in the same pack just seems right. Naturally, the former is wearing a suit that looks like he tore the fabric off a chesterfield from 1978. I wish they had a better photo of those Blues jerseys like Federko is sporting, with one of my favourite designs.

Pack 8:
Only that bright yellow Marcel Dionne keeps this from being a sweep of Original Six franchises.

Pack 9:
That Bouchard is a classic photograph that has made several appearances on Upper Deck's family of cards over the years. I don't know about the decision to put Larry Murphy in Kings' colours for his card, especially since there seemed to be a lot of Kings stuff in this, and not so much so for some of his other teams, like the Pens.

Pack 10:
Now we reach the only complaint I had about collation in this. A lot of the /3500 cards duped up, which was disappointing for the set-build. But that is quite the top row of players in this pack.

Pack 11:
And there you have the second autograph! Appropriate that this was in a rather goalie-centric pack. Interestingly when it came to collation, both autos so far had their base cards beside one another inside the same pack, which I posted yesterday.

Pack 12:
Pokey! YEAH! That would usually be the highlight, but there's a photographic rarity in here that nudges Eldon out of the top spot. There are not a lot of cards that feature Guy LaFleur with a helmet. That is enough to make it my pick of this pack.

There you go! Halfway there! Another 36 cards tomorrow!

Sunday 29 March 2020

2006-07 Parkhurst Box Break - Part 1 of 4

I've wanted to bust a box of this for a bit. So why not just get one delivered? This release consisted entirely of retired players, with on-card autographs and a lot of interesting names. 24 packs at 6 cards per pack, and I'm scanning all of 'em!

Pack 1:
My first card out is a Rangers alum with that Al MacInnis card. This really shows the variety in the set. While you get people you expect like Bourque, you also see the more obscure entries, like Malarchuk and Udvari. And Probert? With the Blackhawks? That's odd, especially since he already appears in the Enforcers subset with Detroit.

Pack 2:
And there's the first auto from the break. I got lucky for these posts that they ended up spread out enough among the packs that they will appear 1 per post. Definitely a NY Rangers hot pack with half the content being their cards.

Pack 3:
A classic North Stars uni and a craving for donuts highlight this pack. Of the Sutter brothers, 5 of the 6 got at least one card in the base set, with only Rich Sutter not getting a card. He would appear in the 2011 Parkhurst release, where all of them would have cards.

Pack 4:
There's the regular base card version of the Barry Beck auto shown earlier. There's a couple nice mask binder candidates as well in the middle column.

Pack 5:
The Palffy card is the odd one in this, as he is sporting the fisherman era Islanders uniform, but the classic logo instead is used on the back. Generally, I like it when the logo matches the era, but I'll forgive that decision.

Pack 6:
Another pack that shows the variety of names, both familiar in modern releases and not, that one finds in the set.

And there you have it! 6 more packs tomorrow!

Saturday 28 March 2020

Raptors Catch-Up

Might as well get back to my COMC to-be-posted box, and showoff some Raptors content.
I'm never going to tire of Championship cards. Throw in the trophy, and they're automatic classics.
Staying with my championship theme, and my desire to get an auto of anybody who has a card and got a ring, here's an auto from one of the coaches. The local product probably got the biggest ovation among the coaching staff during the ring ceremony, aside from Nick Nurse.
Why am I showing the back of a Carlos Rogers card?
Because Skybox put Rodney Rogers on the front! As best I can see, no correction was ever issued. But this still counts as a Raptors addition.
Why scan the back of a CJ Miles card? It is a palindrome 1/1!
The front isn't as spectacular as the back, but this is a neon green die-cut parallel. Which still isn't as good as the 56/65.
This super-hyped Serge Ibaka photo was one of my favourites out of this year's Prizm release. While going for a complete rainbow would be insane, I wouldn't mind a page worth of these.
I also got the red, white & blue parallel of the Ibaka (1/3 of the way there!), so I'm scanning the Norman Powell for variety's sake.
But here's one more Serge for a bonus appearance of the master chef. This Fast Break Orange parallel is numbered to an odd /193.
You want more loud parallels? Here you go! This is an unnumbered Groove parallel.
A jersey number themed set? Sure! I just wish this were card #7 in the set. It is actually #12.
Final card is actually a plate. That's Delon Wright on a rookie patch card out of Flawless, although the plate itself was released with NT. Delon went to Memphis in the Gasol trade, and is now in Dallas.

And that's it! Next up, it will be Observation time.

Friday 27 March 2020

It's Just One More Auto, You Should Really Just Relax

As the distribution phase of Series 3 of the MST3K cards ended, there was an opportunity to purchase some of the remaining autographs.

So I got one more. Seeing as I had the Comedy Central era represented with the Jim Mallon auto, and the Netflix era with Joel's, I decided the third should be a SciFi era card. So...
So here's my Bill Corbett/Brain Guy auto! He's easily got the best penmanship of the three I have in my collection. This is the base white metal autograph.
Here's the authentication. This is the white metal base version.

But there was some more in that package.
More rock climbing cards.
A Richard Basehart card, likely borrowed from Gypsy's scrap album.
And a promo card for a upcoming Manos set! Yeah, I'll probably get something from that as well. Because who wouldn't want a whole bunch of Torgo cards?

But there you have it!

Thursday 26 March 2020

Drugstore Cardboy

You know what that title means. A pack of cards (or two, or three) picked up at the local Shoppers Drug Mart.
Or in this case, one pack. Let's hunt Zion!
Myles Turner - We're off, With an alternate uniform, nonetheless.
Justise Winslow
Thon Maker
Taurean Prince
Victor Oladipo
Denzel Valentine
LeBron James - If I don't get a Zion in this, at least a LeBron is a nice consolation prize.
Dwight Powell - And here's some Cancon.
Kevin Huerter
Jeff Teague
DeMar DeRozan - Even with the championship last season, I still don't like seeing cards of DeMar on the Spurs.
Russell Westbrook
Mike Conley
Ben Simmons
Giannis Antetokounmpo - The star power in this pack is pretty high.
Seth Curry
Norman Powell - The only Raptors card.
Jonathan Isaac
Gordon Hayward - Purple Parallel - I thought that the teal explosion cards were one-per hanger pack. Guess not, but at least it is a Celtics card.
Dennis Smith Jr - Get Out of the Way
LeBron James - Lights Camera Action - Two LeBrons. Excellent!
Zion Williamson - Arriving Now - Well, there's my first Zion card. I like the airport motif used for this insert set.
Zion Williamson - And there's another one, this one an actual rookie card instead of an insert.
Matisse Thybulle
Mike Scott
Coby White
Bol Bol - Probably the non-Raptors rookie I'm most interested in.

Ja Morant - A Ja card as well!
Tyler Herro
Jeremy Lamb

And there you have it! About as good as you can ask for without a hit in the pack. And that's even nicer when you get a pack like this in a retail environment.

Wednesday 25 March 2020

One Card Only: Slowing down the Train

After working my way through a 250 card repack, it only makes sense to slow things down for a couple days. Hence, three cards yesterday, and just one today.
Plus, what card can compete with a Choo Freeman?