Tuesday 31 March 2020

2006-07 Parkhurst Box Break - Part 3 of 4

Here comes some more legends!

Pack 13:
That knocks all my Jim Peplinski needs off the list.

Pack 14:
I'm torn on that Melrose card. While he's probably better known for his coaching than his playing, I would have rather seen him in a uniform. The Robinson will end up in my Rangers alum binder, and I liked the announcer card of McFarlane so much that the auto'ed parallel found itself in my COMC inventory.

Pack 15:
The Ducks appearance of Stu Grimson is one of only a couple appearances of 90s expansion teams in this set. There's also Doug Wilson on the Sharks. I tried to think of someone who would fit the theme of the set for the Senators or Florida team, and only could think of Brian Bradley for Tampa and Scott Mellanby for Florida, with nobody for Ottawa.

Pack 16:
There's auto #3, and it is the first HOFer! WOO-HOO!

Pack 17:

Pack 18:
Mike Liut's look is proof you don't need a paint job on your face mask to be intimidating with the mask on. There's a couple names you really didn't see much of in post-career releases with JP Kelly and Rogers, which is another reason that even busting a single pack of this can be fun.

And there you have it! One more auto among the remaining six packs.


  1. Yep, nice autograph for sure! I've always loved that Liut card also. I agree with you on the Melrose, I think I actually have the autographed version of that card if memory serves. Looking forward to the finale...

  2. Such an awesome product! It's been fun seeing which autographs you've pulled.