Friday 27 March 2020

It's Just One More Auto, You Should Really Just Relax

As the distribution phase of Series 3 of the MST3K cards ended, there was an opportunity to purchase some of the remaining autographs.

So I got one more. Seeing as I had the Comedy Central era represented with the Jim Mallon auto, and the Netflix era with Joel's, I decided the third should be a SciFi era card. So...
So here's my Bill Corbett/Brain Guy auto! He's easily got the best penmanship of the three I have in my collection. This is the base white metal autograph.
Here's the authentication. This is the white metal base version.

But there was some more in that package.
More rock climbing cards.
A Richard Basehart card, likely borrowed from Gypsy's scrap album.
And a promo card for a upcoming Manos set! Yeah, I'll probably get something from that as well. Because who wouldn't want a whole bunch of Torgo cards?

But there you have it!

1 comment:

  1. Good stuff. I ended up buying a bunch of Series 3 boxes.. So if you're working on any insert sets or whatnot from it, feel free to let me know because I could probably help you out. Might even end up with an extra auto available for trade. I haven't gotten my "special venue" order yet, and if you did already up in Canada, geez.. I'd better check in with Richard on the status.