Tuesday 24 March 2020

Group Breaking

Even with the world on shut down, group breaks are still a thing. On a whim, I grabbed a few spots in a 5 box break of Artifacts - Chicago, Montreal, and Carolina. I only ended up with 3 non-base cards in this, with nothing for the 'Canes. It is pretty easy to put the ones I did end up with in order.

Something has to be on the bottom, and in this case, it is a appropriately coloured ruby parallel of Jonathan Toews. But no relic, and no ink, means this has to go on the bottom.

You know a group break has gone well when an on-card autograph of a HOFer only gets a #2 spot. While I did grab a PSA encased autograph of Guy not that long ago, both of these are keepers. So, with this in #2, what is #1?

How about a piece from the Chicago Stadium itself? The piece itself is encased in acetate, so I can't touch the item to determine exactly what it is, even though most checklists call it a piece of a seat at the arena. It is definitely a very unique item to add to my collection, and I think the only other seat in my collection is a piece of Forbes Field on a Josh Gibson card.

Landing two super rare, super interesting cards in a break for less than a price of a hobby box = AWESOME! I'd call both certain keepers, but I've shown in the past that I can be had. for the right trade, especially something of my less-than-reasonable list.


  1. Wow. Congratulations! That seat card is really unique... which makes it really, really cool.

  2. Nice 'Hawks! I love the Artifacts design. I knew the die-cuts would be beauties!