Monday 9 March 2020

2/14s from COMC

Back to my COMC to-be-posted box, and the new 2/14 content that was in the latest shipment.
Only one hockey card in the whole mix, so I guess I haven't really scoured them for e-pack cheapness too intensely. At least you get the great alternate Jets uniforms on their sole representation in the mailer.
I was certain I already had this card in the binder, but I guess I kept with the CFL set as opposed to moving it with the rest of the 2/14s. He's retired now, so I guess I'll have to pay special attention to the backs of their 2020 release.
Of course, there's a Jim Kelly card in the mix. Why wouldn't there be?
The closest thing to a hit in this group was this /50 parallel of Jadeveon Clowney.
Over in baseball, John Marzano is the first person to reach the 50 mark in the collection with these 5. The bottom two are Tiffany issues. The Mariners card is my second Mother's Cookies issue in the collection, joining a Larry Milbourne. How do I not already have the Dave Dravecky ones?
But here's your big winner in terms of volume, which strangely starts with a Micro. There's a biut of CanCon on the top, with the Fleer being the 'Printed in Canada' version, and there being an OPC next to it. 

And that's it. I'll be doing some more 2/14 next post with some Jim Kelly sportslots acquisitions.

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