Saturday 23 February 2019

Playbook Box Break (and one of my best pulls EVER)

This is definitely a feast-or-famine product, with there being only 3 cards contained within. There's a base card, a booklet with an auto and/or relic, and an additional regular auto or relic.
I like the base card design with all the colour, but I'm not a fan of the player. He'll always be the guy who called a player on a team he ran the word my pasty white self dare not say.
The big card in the box wasn't the booklet card, although it was of a future HOFer.
There's a septet of relics contained within as well.

And the big one,

An on-card autograph of the late, great, Gordie Howe!

I don't think I got as crazy about seeing an autograph appear from one of my packs since when I pulled a Jamal Murray almost 2.5 years ago. Damn, that's just gorgeous. Straight to the magnetic for this, and I can really see myself getting this certain keeper encased for the ages. Even the design is beautiful, with it being colourful, but not obnoxiously so.
Heck, let's see the back as well.

Wow. That's a box break to remember. One of my best pulls? I'll say it is the best, but reserve the right to search my memory and find a better one.