Wednesday 20 February 2019

Mailbag: Wes' Grand Finale - Post #2

I'll do one more day of these and then do something re-pack related. Today, the Raptors portion of the mailer.
Starting off, here's a beautiful shot from the backboard. While I can't be surprised to see a former dunk contest winner getting that photo on his card, it would have been so incredible to have the dunk he made that went through Kenneth Faried immortalized on cardboard.
More rookie cards should look like this instead of the generic empty gym photo shoots.
A pair of jersey swatches starts off the brief hit portion of this post. Cory Joseph didn't spend too long in Toronto, but it is always nice to see Canadians hit the floor with the Raptors.

Speaking of floor...
here's a piece of one! There were actually 5 cards in this Northern Flights subset, and all featured Vince Carter. This is #3 in the set, and #2 in my collection, alongside #5.
Finally, since it is easier to put them here than to make a second post, here's a bunch more Raptors from various case breaks. The Optic cards all feature new photos compared to what was on the regular Donruss issues, and the red of Jonas is /99.

There you have it!

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