Tuesday, 24 July 2018

2/14 Football

After implying that I'm lax in posting the 2/14 content that's in my COMC 'to be posted' box, I might as well start digging in.
I'll lead off with an original Jacksonville Jaguar. Only because I'm incredibly immature.
Mike Zuga never reached the NFL, but he still got this card out of Winners in 1988. I can't find out what Winners was. A local card company? An Alabama store? Either way, he debuts in the binder.
Jim Kelly stars the rest of the way home with this variety of cards. It is just my usual method of looking at the lowest priced cards of a particular player at COMC, finding what I need and then adding a bunch of them to the cart. Easy! After all, as a Bills fan, I really couldn't let Steve McNair take the numbers game in the collection.
Let's throw some numbered cards in for good measure! These 12 items make it 95 Jim Kelly appearances in the collection, tied with McNair for the football lead.

Hockey 2/14s next time.

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