Tuesday, 17 July 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 26.4 - Drugstore Cardboy

My third source for repacks comes through - the local Shoppers Drug Mart. Here's one of their usual one pack hangers, although there was also a pack of 16-17 stickers in there as well.
Here's the sticker pack's content.  Nothing too memorable here, but a couple of them are foil-y. 
That's a solid Parkhurst pack already, with a Whaler, a Bruin and Gordie Howe. But that's 3 cards. That should mean something interesting as the final card.
And there's another autograph! And it is of someone who doesn't really have a lot of autographs out there, but still had a very solid career. Interestingly, the card lists him as a North Star, the jersey is Minnesota, but if you flip the card over...
there's a Dallas logo on the reverse. Oops. It is still a really nice card despite that, especially with a very legible signature. And it is another great repack score!

Next up, back to the mailbag.


  1. Wow, repack auto, not bad! I remember Broten a bit. Hell, I remember when the North Stars were in Minnesota.

  2. Awesome pull. I remember Broten during the 90's (when I started watching hockey), but his name really stood out after I learned that he was part of the Miracle on Ice.