Tuesday, 10 July 2018

One Card Only: Who Needs Certification?

My original plans for today were to cover an envelope that Night Owl sent my way. But, that would require scanning a bunch of stuff, and I really wasn't up for that today. This was already scanned, though, so it's perfect to show off. Sure, this isn't a certified autograph, but it is a Mets autograph. And who would forge a Jeromy Burnitz auto just to sell for $2?

I think I'm safe.


  1. Loved Burnitz as a player, even more so in 2005 when he wore his socks high while patrolling RF for the Cubs.

    1. Same here - Jeromy has long been one of my favorite short term Cubs. He was quite the revelation as Sammy Sosa's initial replacement in right field, at least for the first half of 2005 before his age caught up with him. Nice pick up!

  2. One of the best looking signatures I have seen from a baseball player.

  3. Burnitz has a beautiful signature! Puts a lot of people to shame... myself included.