Monday 13 November 2017

Expo Recap Part 3: Comfort Food Part 2

The other 5 packs!

Pack 6:
3 inserts in the pack, and one of them is the black sheep of the hockey Staals. But, at least there's a gold parallel among the Score cards as well.

Pack 7:
Another really good autograph comes up. While Hertl's signature isn't the WOW pull it was at the time, it is still a pretty good one, and he has a nice looking signature.

Pack 8:
More Hertl!

Pack 9:
And another hit. Sorta. I love the Silhouette designs, so it was disappointing this wasn't live. As best as I can tell, it doesn't appear to be live. So, I'll be heading to Replacement Land in March.

Pack 10:
And the last pack contained the Rookie Selection card. And it is another really good hit! Interestingly, the base are generally numbered to /249, but the Forsberg appears to be the only one limited to /125. Nice!

When the Hertl autograph is the 3rd best in the box, that's really good for a mid-range box.

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  1. I would get on Panini's website and redeem it if you so choose. I redeemed one expired for 2 years over the summer