Friday 17 November 2017

Expo Recap Part 6: Hockey Miscellany

Most of the hockey acquisitions at the Expo consisted of set builders for the last two OPC releases. After all that, I'm 3 out total from both of the team sets. I hit my team collections, got some wax, helped out my trade partners, and then finally picked up some cards that I just liked for random reasons. And that's what's getting posted today.
My first Atlanta Flames hit! That's reason enough to get this card, right?
From one defunct team featuring a hit of a Guy to another. Blue Quebec Nordiques relics are high on the list of hits for guys that I find it incredibly hard to pass on.
That mustache! Seriously, if he wasn't wearing the hockey jersey, and this card didn't include the "Broad Street Boys" tag, this photo would look perfect on the back with him as the star of some incredibly sleazy porn tape.
Another Hall of Fame hit. Complete with the "I just joined this team" photo. Looking at other Fedorov cards in this set show a red swatch, so that's obviously not a Ducks jersey used, but since this is a white swatch, I can pretend that it is.
Now that's a great way to use a plain white swatch, especially when you don't have the NHL license.
And let's end with an auto from Garth Butcher - junk wax mainstay. As with the Bridgman auto, ITG did such a great job with sticker autographs.

There you go. Two more Expo posts to go!

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