Sunday 26 November 2017

Black Friday Champ's! Box 2!

Another box - another top 10 from the cards contained within.

I should include one of the fish cards from these boxes. And since I love my immaturity, why shouldn't I post a card of a crappie?

I do like the Northern Wonders insert set, but since this is a dupe, it can't go above the #9 spot.

Ditto the Famous Foods inserts. Another dupe as well.

Not counting random packs, I've busted 5 boxes of this stuff. 3 of them have had this McDavid rookie. At least this is a way to recover some of the cost of the box.

While the non-hockey base cards aren't as numerous as the non-baseball are in Ginter, that makes them a little more special and worthy of a highlight. I also landed a Samuel de Champlain, but that was a dupe, so, I highlight Damian Warner instead.

One of the two relics, but not one that really hits any of my PCs.

WOO-HOO! Sens parallel!

As I was saying yesterday, these are so much more fun when these cover player's individual superstitions as opposed to a team one.

WOO-HOO! Sens relic! That's 2 non-base Erik Karlsson cards in the same box.

And for the first time with these posts, the #1 position goes to the autograph in the box. Really hard to vote against an on-card autograph of a HOFer. A nice looking autograph is also a bonus.

There you go! I'm expecting a mid-week delivery of my Black Friday blowout boxes/case, so I should have enough wax to bust until Christmas.


  1. What a crappie box! I mean that in a good way. Very nice auto.

  2. I have a $40 box of this in my cart at Dave & Adam's right now.

    Ready to press BUY.