Saturday 9 May 2020

2020 Adventures in Repacks: Part 20 - Saturday Surprise

A Surprise Bag for this weekend, which contained this content:
Nothing but cardboard in this one.
The Original 6 pack was Detroit, and half of them were cards from the "Foil isn't very legible" years. That's Slava Kozlov in the top corner, and Aaron Ward in the bottom left.
That's a pretty good goalie pack! 3 mask binder candidates anf the only one that isn't is a Sens card. I like that average.
And there were two HOFers in the HOF pack. The big one for me is the Scott Stevens which is moving into the Rangers alum binder.
And one more Sens card, and one more mask binder card in the Ultra pack.

That was a perfectly acceptable $2 spent.


  1. Voting for the Roy.

    Jealous of how cheaply you get packs.

  2. Whenever I see Guerin... I think of the Devils or Oilers... but it's nice to see him pictured with the Sharks too.