Monday 11 May 2020

As a Matter of Artifacts

Another box - let's see how unbelievable these advertised hits are!
I'm not going to go pack-by-pack through this, but still feel the need to highlight one of the regular base cards. And this one was the first one out. Without a Sens card, this seems like a logical one to show off.
Here's some more base cards from the numbered 'stars' portion of the set.
This redemption will turn into a Connor Clifton base card at some point.
A pink parallel.
I guess we can start the hits portion of this post with a pair of swatches from Ben Bishop.
I guess this is a sorta parallel. The vertical rookie relics are /499, with these horizontal versions are /199. I like this more colourful card over the two white swatches on the Bishop.
And I guess this is the unbelievable hit in this box. I saw the shield logo on the card and thought it was one of the Wild Card rookie redemptions until I got a better look at the card. This looks like it will turn into a Cale Makar /25 auto when it arrives, so this is definitely a nice pull. Eventually.

And when the Artifacts redemptions start rolling in, at least I'll have some ink to show off as well.


  1. Might just be me but those swatches on Ben Bishop's card look like GINORMOUS kneepads.

  2. Makar and Clifton, you might have to wait for those redemptions but you sure pulled a solid D pairing!