Friday, 2 October 2015


Shortly after its release, I got into a case break of 14-15 Masterpieces, grabbing the Capitals and Coyotes slots. The Coyotes scored me nothing except a short-print rookie of Brandon Gormley. Washington did much better landing me a Ovechkin relic and an auto of Kuznetsov. But, I ended up shipping most of the contents from their portion off to my COMC account to recover the cost, and ended up only keeping 3 items.

With such a limited base set, seeing Mike Gartner get an appearance was great. Even better is that meant the classic look jerseys. It is a little disappointing to see this photo(?) make a reappearance though, as it has shown up in quite a few recent sets. Not counting parallels, there are 8 more appearances of it on COMC.
I'm not the biggest fan of gold stamping on the cards, but it does work nicely with the black and white SPs.

And the big card, the one that made me break out the 'Redeemed' for this post.

As of this morning, this:
Turned into this:
When my only complaint about the card is the penmanship, that's a nice card. Blue ink works so nicely with the black and white photo, allowing the auto to pop beautifully. It is even positioned perfectly for the ice to be the background for the signature. This auto was considered a Group A autograph, which put it a rate of 1:1500 packs. I really wanted to get one of these, and would have been happy with any player. Getting one of a major name and it being such a beauty made it even better.

Two straight weeks with beautiful keeper autographs entering my collection. I'm thinking of getting both of them encased and graded at the Expo next month. A just need to find a suitably insane card to bring at the same time. I'm thinking of the Kurt Bevacqua Smokey the Bear card.