Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Another T.M.M. Trade Package - The Baseball Goodies

Part 2 of 4 in the trade package.

I'll say that this package also included a Starting Lineup of Ed Sprague, but I forgot I needed to get the photo off my phone when I was writing up this post. So, it might make an appearance in either the hockey or the basketball post.

And now, on with the cards!
Let's start with the Blue Jays, and one of my secret wants. Ernie was one of my favourite Blue Jays back in the 80s, and I've really wanted to add an auto of his to my collection. Even though he's the type of player that would be perfect for Archives Fan Favorites, there are no certified Whitt autos out there. Mind you , I doubt there's a major market for forgeries of his auto, so I feel safe adding this to my Jays collection.
This one is certified, though! And despite the fact that this isn't the best surface for an autograph, Adam maintains his above average penmanship.
And here's a buybacked 1/1! Sure, this is a gimmick, but it would be a major lie if I didn't welcome adding this to my Jays collection. 
And to wrap the Toronto portion of the package up, here you have a nice miscellaneous collection of cards. An insert. A parallel. A Starting Lineup. A manu ticket. When the closest thing to a base card in the bunch is the Starting Lineup, that's a fun grouping of cards.
The Expos portion did not bring the quantity, but it did bring the quality. Shiny number Vlad and not-so-shiny, but still nice Gary Carter. Road blues!
Only one card for the CanCon collection, but it is an acetate of Larry Walker, who has to be the biggest member of that collection in terms of card volume.
And let's wrap this portion of the trade up with the Mets stuff.Again, quite the variety among these 7 cards. Vintage. Shiny. Numbered. Inserts. Parallel. That's a nice mix. The big winner here is the Nomo. This is the international variation. It is 1998, so that means one thing!

While not as cool as the Lingala on Ntema Ndungidi's card, still cool!

Thanks for all these, and the two more sports worth of cards still to come!


  1. I'm a sucker for those buybacks because of the amount of Pirates in the set which included Bob Walk!!!!

  2. I have a couple of Whitt autos I got TTM many years ago, they look pretty similar to yours