Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Hockey Clear Out

Namely, clearing out the hockey portion of my "to be posted" box.
And what better way to start with some pure WTF from Collector's Choice and their Warriors of Ice insert set? That's supposed to be Jarome Iginla riding the fire-breathing horse.
And from WTF to another. Puck Junk called this the worst card of 2010. I'd hate to see the card that beat it. Of course, that meant I had to add this to my collection. At least he was granted the privilege of having his face visible on the Victory and Certified issues. Although not his Donruss.
The Be A Player series could offer some strange photos as well. But at least I can add this one of Kevin Haller to my 'Cards with Dogs' mini-collection.
This is my second Antti Aalto collection. I add his card only because Aalto is first alphabetically among all players in NHL history. Unless someone even more Scandinavian passed him lately.
A nice view of the Cleveland Barons uniform was lurking around my wantlist for a bit. It was added to my COMC cart, and it fell off earlier this week. If you're thinking "That design would be perfect for an autograph!", you're right. There are autographed versions of this card out there.
Back to back posts with players wearing toques? Why not?
This mask just screams out "I was just traded from New Jersey to Buffalo, and haven't received the new mask yet." He never played for New Jersey, so I'll just assume he is yet another guy who looked to heavy metal album covers for mask inspiration. He is one of a handful of goaltenders to get credited with a goal, though.
So he'll always have that.
I'm not sure who Marian Hossa knew at Pacific to get not one, but two gorgeous photos on cards in 2002, but I won't complain, especially since both of them come against the Leafs.
Rangers alumni! Mike Robitaille had spent all but a few games the previous season with the Canucks, yet the jersey still looks like an airbrush special. Because why wouldn't it? David Latta spent 36 games over 4 season with the Nordiques, but never got a card. So, I add this one from his time in the AHL. Because any port in a storm. And Derek Roy had made several appearance. But this might be the most Kitchener Ranger intensive backs there have been. 
Of course there will be some Alfredsson content in the latest COMC shipment.
As well as 2/14 content. The Sutter is an unnumbered silver parallel.
And wrapping up back-to-back posts with a Milan Hejduk relic. While this isn't as patchy as the last one, this specific one is an important addition. I received one of this card's printing plates in a previous trade envelope from Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams. I always like to have at least one of the cards to go alongside it. 

So this is that card. 

And there you have another post. Back tomorrow with something else.

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  1. Never seen a Cleveland Barons card before. Very nice.