Monday, 19 October 2015

A Good News, Bad News Kinda Day

Bad News: Blue Jays down 0-2.

Good News: Mets up 2-0.

Bad News: Election Day! And my political poll may have had the most incompetent poll clerk that this nation had to offer.

Good News: No more election commercials!

Bad News: Mail day included a summons for jury duty.

Good News: Mail day included some very desired cards!
Starting with a '4 if by Sportlots' envelope. I'm not the biggest fan of manu-relics, but sometimes they just are perfect for me.
Since I was there for the Wright home run debut. I'd completely forgotten about this happening until this subset was included in '15 sets. The mind blank was probably influenced greatly by seeing Eric Valent hit for the cycle later on in the series.
And yes - I am willing to add baseball cards to my mask binder. The disallowing of any sort of creativity on catchers that employ the hockey style mask is one of my minor peeves about baseball. But at least that gives me some chase cards from the 00s.
And just before 2015 Update hits the LCS, here are the last two cards I needed to finish that set. It was annoying to try to figure out what the last card was I needed. Zistle showed I needed just one, but the box seemed two out. Then I realized I'd grabbed the Derek Norris single for the 2/14 collection, and added it at zistle, without adding the necessary card to the set build.

That's the 4 cards via sportlots. Howzabout one from ebay?
My first Karlsson graph!

If jury duty mails are offset by card mails like this, then keep the former coming!

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  1. I feel like the Blue Jays will be ok. They have so much fire power that they will not get contained the entire series. Cool that Karlson signs his number!