Friday, 23 October 2015

2015-16 Hoops Box Break - Part 2

And now the inserts, which, as I stated yesterday, were far rarer this year than last. While you could get several cards per pack, these were 1 per pack. Unless you found a parallel, in which case you got zero inserts per pack. Which is good for the set build, as I'm only 35 or so out.
If you didn't think I'd lead with a Raptors insert if I got one, you don't know me. The retired player content among the inserts doesn't seem as extensive as in previous years, so it is nice to get one for my team. Having the flag visible in the background makes this even better.
And to keep on going, here's an insert for my pre-Raptors favourite team. Triple Doubles salutes exactly that from the previous season. Elfrid Payton had two last season, and he has two in this insert set. These do actually have odds listed on the back, and they fall at a rate of 1:24, or one per box.
The road to the finals insert set returns this year. The numbering drops as the rounds progress. I got 3 first round ones /2015 each.
And one from the second round /999. Third round are /499, with the finals /199.
Team Leaders is, naturally, a 30 card insert set.
Action Shots is another rather obviously named insert series. These also have the odds listed on them, and they're at 1:65. So, pretty above average to get this one.
Bird's Eye View returns after not being seen since 13-14 Panini flagship. Other than the promised two autos, this was the only insert set I got more than one of.
Courtside returns for another year. I'm not too crazy about the move away from full-bleed photos in this, but as long as the old camera angle remains the same, I'll take it.
This isn't a second Courtside insert. This is the /25 Green Holo Parallel. Probably my biggest 'hit' in the box.
Here's my first autograph in this. Not too bad of a second year player. He was an all-rookie team member last season, and finished third in rookie of the year balloting. He's more of a defensive player than an offensive one, but this still a nice auto for the collection. Not quite a perfect auto, buy at least he does more than just a two letter initial.
And the second is of someone who is actually having a pretty good preseason so far. He was the 22nd pick in the draft, so I guess he can be seen as exceeding expectations so far.

That's the box. Depending on what is at my LCS, maybe some Update or CFL tomorrow.

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