Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Another T.M.M. Trade Package - The Hockey Goodies

Time to wrap up another trade recap.
And to open, a card that has been on my most wanted top 10 list for a bit. It was either this or the Geoffrion card that would have been my longest tenured member there. Anyhow, any appearance of the Cup on a card image is automatically a great card, and this has a bonus of it being a Kitchener Rangers alum doing the hoisting. This should easily be the best photo in that collection, but I have to go through it again to make that determination for certain.
After the appearance of this classic Habs mask on a nice vintage 1977 glossy card, this turns into a very Ottawa Senators package. It is a nice way to move on, though.
Spezza rookie! This actually might be my only one of his. Zistle seems to think so, but I remain doubtful.
By a thread or three, here's a two-colour swatch from Stephane Da Costa. I've actually got a few autos of his and an auto-relic, but this is my first standalone relic. Variety!
Some autos are up next. Wade Redden was part of one of the worst moves the team made, and that overshadows his time in Ottawa. They opted to keep him and instead let Zdeno Chara walk. Oops. Still, I like adding his cards. I now have two autos of his, both in trades with Dennis. Colin Greening is still with the team, but is now in Binghamton. Still, he has had more time in the bigs than most 7th rounders.
And a slight move away from the Senators content to wrap up the trade with some mask binder relics. I know Lehner can end up in either - I just made an executive decision he's going there. Ray Emery's dual relic could also have ended up in either, but since the Flyers one gets the better photo it is a little easier of a decision. Turek's Eddie mask wraps it up.