Sunday, 4 October 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 39.3 - Through A Codeine Haze

Sure, I'm whacked out of my mind on migraine and Bills-induced misery, but I'll still do my daily post, continuing to work my way through the repack that I bought back in January.

Today, the other 4 non-rack packs left in the box.
2012 Topps wasn't the most exciting of a pack break. It landed me this shiny card and not much else. But at least I can say I've got a parallel of Fukudome's only White Sox card.
2010 Upper Deck was what it was. While it was nice to pull them, they were both dupes. But that Dodger Stadium card, complete with palm trees, is a beauty, much like that whole subset. And there's a die-cut insert that isn't affected, photo-wise, by licensing questions.
The best thing about the Bowman Chrome pack is that I can post a scan of the entire pack.
I'd say the same thing about this pack of Topps Chrome, but at least that included a nice shiny X-Fractor.

And that's the post you get when I'm not exactly coherent.

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  1. Kosuke in a White Sox uniform is such a weird sight.