Monday, 12 October 2015

And now, the Hockey

As nice as it was to find some cards for all 4 of the major sports, I did do the obligatory Canadian thing and got some hockey cards as well to go with the football. I could show the baseball, but that one solitary card is bound to Walk The Plank at some point.

Now, time for some hockey.
I opened yesterday's post with some well-loved vintage, why not go back-to-back with that. Who cares about condition when a 1968 Glenn Hall can go into your collection?
At least Bobby Hull's (I think) back on the back is in pretty good shape.
Staying kinda with vintage, here's a classic photo on a modern card.
The colour photo might mean it isn't as vintage as the Bouchard, but still a nice SP'd legend addition to the binders.
Or modern photos on a classic design. Two mask binder cards right there. And the second appearance of Jason LaBarbera this long weekend.
And two more cards for the binder, this time with no retro-ness at all. Mikko played a few games with the Isles, and is now in the KHL. Kinkaid is still with the Devils, and has seen some action already this season.
I think if more of the cards had images like this used instead of generic ones, Masterpieces would have been a more popular set. This is one of the SP'd high number cards, and a great grab from a 50 cent bin, given that the cheapest at COMC is $5.00.
Outdoor action!
Even more outdoor action! Complete with toque!
I'm not a coffee person, so I had yet to make my way to Tim Horton's to get any of their cards. But, there were singles at the show. I didn't really get to look through all of them, but did see this Karlsson on the top of the small pile, and grabbed this for my Sens collection.
No reason for getting this card, other than the awesome name factor.
A pair of two new rookie cards for the 2/14 collection. Matt was last seen playing in Italy, which is appropriate, seeing as the pronunciation guide on the back of the card is very Italian - kam-PAH-nah-lee. Eric Nystrom is still around the NHL, now with the Predators. This my 17th card of his, and my 5th of Campanale.
Time to wrap things up with the hits. I grabbed this one since that particular colour is not one you see a lot of on Edmonton jersey swatches. The stick piece as well seems to be perfectly centered in order to show off some portion of some logo. My guess is the 'O' in Bauer Vapor, but that's as close as I can get.
As best I can tell, Philip McRae's addition makes him the first father-son tandem that I have autos of. I added one of Basil out of 2011 Enforcers.
This card is the very definition of a sticker dump. Timo Pielmeier had already moved on from the Ducks (with whom he saw his only NHL action - 1 game) to the Devils system approximately 2 years prior to this card being issued. Seriously, the back of the card lists the trade as taking place in December of 2011. This is a 2013-14 card and he was already playing in Germany at the time. That said, it is still an addition to the masks binder. 
And here's the big addition from the show. A gorgeous 2-colour swatch/3 colour (by a hair of silver) patch for my 2/14 binder of Milan Hejduk. This is easily the best relic among the 8 for Milan in my collection. This is my 91st card of him. 

And there you have it!

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