Tuesday, 20 October 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 41 - No Mike Bossy auto this time

I knew I wouldn't get something as spectacular as last time, but here goes another Dollarama repack.
And here's the content of the repack. 2 regular packs. 2 repacks.
You have to take what you can get with Pro Set. I'll take a Rangers alum among the 15 as the pack hit.
I did a little better with the Score pack. A couple nice photos. A mask photo. And the gold parallel.
Ouch. The Franchise pack could be any Canadian team or an Original 6 team. As a Sens fan, I got the worst possible of the bunch. At least the Vaive looks nice.
And the rookie pack contains a dupe of one I'd received before in a repack. But at least the Lafleur looks nice.

I guess the repack Gods had to balance out the last really good repack with this one. I guess the farewell card is my favourite in the bunch, but it was a really a bland lot.

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