Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Another T.M.M. Trade Package - The Basketball Goodies

2 posts today. With a box of the new Hoops release likely entering my possession tomorrow, this seems like a perfect time to post the basketball portion of the trade. Thankfully, it is small.
But this does include 1/1 #3 of the trade package. This is my second plate in the basketball portion of my 2-14 collection, and both are of Hamilton. Of course, the options for printing plates for basketball are pretty limited.
My first thought when I came across this card in the mailer was "Since Jalen is a Wolverines alumni alum, this has to be a dupe for Dennis." It was. So Jalen Rose joins Eric Nystrom in the list of guys who might be dupes in one collection, but would fit nicely into someone else's.
You'd think there would be some acetate aspect to a card that was part of a subset that included the term 'Film' as part of its title. You'd be wrong. Nice and shiny, though.
And a little Vince Carter to wrap things up.

Only the hockey left to go! As well as a hockey PWE from 2*3 Heroes. And tomorrow I break my third box of the month. Thankfully, the set heavy products go away for a bit for now.

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  1. Richard Hamilton was one of the better players in college that I've seen in person. Awesome card!